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Scene of the Crime : Bridgewater, Texas by Carla Cassidy

The Book:

Jenna Taylor is in Bridgewater, Texas investigating the house where her best friend was murdered. It is here she gets introduced to Sheriff Matt Buchanan who is definitely not glad to see someone else in his crime scene. At first, he warns Jenna to stay away from the investigation but when the killer strikes again, he gladly gets her onboard to help with finding the madman.

They are most probably dealing with a serial killer who targets a specific kind of women and Jenna could be his next. Is her life in danger and will the two of them succeed in finding the killer before he kills his third victim?

The View:

This is a typical romance story, pretty girl meets widowed handsome man in the midst of a stressful situation. The situation demands of them to work together and as they do they realize that there is something more between them than just the initial attraction. They have a steaming physical relationship, solve the crime and then decide to live happily ever after. Of course I forgot to add that the girl always is unsure of getting into the relationship because of a dark past, but then gives in.

Jenna’s character was just average – For a FBI agent I expected her to be more out there. There were many chances for her to be portrayed as a daring female agent and she fell short each time. Matt was everything you expect out of a romantic hero. Handsome and annoying at first but slowly becomes charming and adorable. His passion for the crime investigation and the need to protect Jenna were both spot on.

Rated a 3 on 5. Don’t expect anything new with this romance book. The investigation and crime are just a side story though I liked the twist that was added at the end while revealing the murderer.