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The Sooner the Better by Debbie Macomber

“The Sooner The Better” starts when Lorraine Dancy finds an agonizing truth that everything she knew about her father was a lie. She was always made to believe that her father was dead, but evidence that she finds after her mother’s passing not only reveals that he is alive but that he lives in a small town on the south of the border. She heads out in search of him and in the process lands herself in big trouble. To save her from the police and a deadly thief, her father sends his friend Jack Keeler. Jack is experienced, strong and attractive and it is hard to ignore the blooming chemistry between them. Will they both find true love in one another?

I like romance novels that are not completely romantic; by that I mean the ones that do not make me feel all mushy and sentimental. The Sooner The Better was a novel that had the right proportion of different elements in it. There was adventure, some amount of suspense, betrayal, emotions of all cadres, lots of love and just the right amount of violence. The story line kept me interested till the end of the book. If I had to leave the book; I was eager to get back to it to know what was happening; and that is always a good sign.

The characters in the book had a lot of depth to them. The focus was not just on the lead characters but on most of the other characters too. Like Lorraine’s father, his second wife, her fiancée or his wife (well, you need to read the story to understand these relationship complications) – they all had relatively small appearances but left with an impact that only the lead protagonist can in most novels. I enjoyed the book for the different flavors of emotion. While I disliked a few people in the beginning; I ended the book feeling secure about the world we live in and the abundance of goodness that resides in people.

I enjoyed this book in every sense!! The Sooner The Better is a really good book by Debbie Macomber and was made better by the narrator. An interesting audio and a fulfilling story makes me want to give it a four smiley faces:



The Snow Bride by Debbie Macomber

The Book:

Jenna is in love with her boss for the past six years. but he is only interested in her as his assistant. Wanting to find the right man she turns to the internet and meets Dalton online. Dalton shares her passion for poetry and things seem to be working out between them. She leaves her job, her boss and her mother behind and heads off to Alaska to meet him. But Dalton is not there at the airport to receive her as expected. Disappointed but determined to meet him, she is forced to rely on an annoying travel companion Reid to fly her.

Reid has a past with Dalton and in an attempt to save Jenna from Dalton kidnaps her. Their relationship starts off sour, but will love blossom between these two unlikely people. Surely Jenna is the ‘Snow Bride’ but who is her groom?

The View:

I have been reading a lot with all the lying down and resting that I have been doing for the past week. Unfortunately I did not get to post my reviews as I have been spending very little time online. I am better this week and decided it was high time I became alive in my favorite blogging world. I still have a lot of visiting to do and will be hanging around your blogs the whole time this week 🙂

‘The Snow Bride’ is one of those books that can never go wrong. A very short read with an anticipated ending. There are no surprises in the story but you still cannot put the book down – that is the magic of Debbie’s writing. I enjoy a good romance and when there is snow, interesting lovable friends and a lot of men vying for the girl, I just seem to want more of it.

Jenna is the girl next door who decides on a whim to do something that is so unlike her. I am just terribly glad that things fell in place for her but if I was Jenna I would not hitch a ride with a total stranger even if it meant finding the right man. Well, Reality!! All of the characters were interesting but I thought Jenna’s mom was the icing on the cake. Her very small but prominent role was impressive though I can’t seem to say what made her stand out. I just truly adored her appearances in the story and her antics.

Rated a 4 on 5 and as I mentioned this book cannot go wrong.


Family Affair by Debbie Macomber

The Book:

Lacey Lancaster has moved to a new city after her divorce and is still struggling with the loneliness. To keep company she has an Abyssinian purebred cat Cleo. Cleo is going through her mating period and Lacey is on the look out a mate for her. Just then her annoying neighbor’s cat named Dog decides to barge in and make the best of the moment. Cleo gets pregnant and Lacey has to deal with her neighbor Jack.

Jack had been extremely irritating since the time she has moved in … leaving flowers for Lacey and trying to befriend her while fighting constantly with his girlfriend Stacey (at least that is what Lacey thinks). Now she has to interact with him because of the Cleo situation.

Is Jack really the monster she perceives him to be or are they be going to be friends soon? Will it just be friendship or will love rule the air?

The View:

I was down with the flu last week and picked up all the books from my TBR pile that were really short reads (because I spent very less ‘awake’ hours). ‘Family Affair’ was probably the shortest of them all .. It was in that rare category that falls between a short story and a novel since it ran for slightly over 100 pages. I initially decided to buy this on my Kindle but when I saw it in the library shelves I safely checked it out. Terrifically glad I did that otherwise all you would have had in the place of my review would have been my vents.

I always manage to like or dislike the characters, love or hate the writing style, detest or adore the cover design and rave or rant about the author in every review. But this one is different. I had no remarkable emotions when I read this book. I neither loved the story nor hated it. It was just one of those stories I would have read in a magazine while waiting at the doctor’s office and forgotten about it before you can say “short story”.

The characters were just ‘there’. They were average and did not leave an impression. Again I neither loved or hated them. If I met Lacey or Jack in my real life I would have said hello and walked past them as un-dramatically as it happens every day of our lives. If the book had been longer I am sure more time would have been spent on polishing the characters pasts and their present.

Rated a 3 on 5 just because it left no strong impact in me. It was one of those rare books that you read, you forget and when someone asks you if you have read this one.. you have to check your blog to see if you actually have. That is bad isn’t it?