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Born to Die by Lisa Jackson

The Book:

Appearances. . .
A sad, strange coincidence. . .that’s Dr. Kacey Lambert’s initial response to the deaths of two women who bear an uncanny resemblance to herself. It’s not like there was any real connection between Kacey and the B-movie actress or the elementary school teacher. But Detective Selena Alvarez suspects otherwise.

Can Be. . .
One of the bodies contained traces of poison at the time of death. Selena and her partner, Detective Regan Pescoli, can find no motive for murder. But Kacey has started to notice ties between the dead women’s lives and her own—all close in age, born within miles of each other. And all have links to Trace O’Halleran, the man Kacey just started dating.

Deadly. . .
The deeper Kacey digs, the more reason she has to fear. More look-alikes are dying, and the killer is getting bolder and more brutal. And Kacey knows it’s only a matter of time before hers is the next name on a list of those who were born to die. . .

The View:

I am always eager to read a Lisa Jackson book as it creates an excitement and interest that only a proficient author can manage too. I have read many books by her and I admire the fact that every plot always appears new and fresh. “Born to Die” is yet another refreshing entertainer.

Dr.”Kasey” Lambert’s life starts to take a roller-coaster turn with a seemingly unrelated death. Her receptionist informs her that a B actress who bears a resemblance to her has committed suicide. Very soon, a number of deaths follows this event and the binding factor is that the dead women all have an uncanny resemblance to each other and to Kasey.

Kasey is a delightful character and added a lot of interest to the plot. The budding romance between her and Trace is sincere and adds a nice touch to the otherwise serious situation. The addition of Trace’s son brings in an emotional and real life situation every now and then. The Grizzly Falls detective team of Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli never disappoint and have not with this one either. They show a keen interest in the case and uncover some unexpected twists.

Rated a 4 on 5.

I already have two more books by Lisa Jackson in my TBR pile waiting to be devoured. Don’t miss out on her if you want a thrilling read.