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The Sooner the Better by Debbie Macomber

“The Sooner The Better” starts when Lorraine Dancy finds an agonizing truth that everything she knew about her father was a lie. She was always made to believe that her father was dead, but evidence that she finds after her mother’s passing not only reveals that he is alive but that he lives in a small town on the south of the border. She heads out in search of him and in the process lands herself in big trouble. To save her from the police and a deadly thief, her father sends his friend Jack Keeler. Jack is experienced, strong and attractive and it is hard to ignore the blooming chemistry between them. Will they both find true love in one another?

I like romance novels that are not completely romantic; by that I mean the ones that do not make me feel all mushy and sentimental. The Sooner The Better was a novel that had the right proportion of different elements in it. There was adventure, some amount of suspense, betrayal, emotions of all cadres, lots of love and just the right amount of violence. The story line kept me interested till the end of the book. If I had to leave the book; I was eager to get back to it to know what was happening; and that is always a good sign.

The characters in the book had a lot of depth to them. The focus was not just on the lead characters but on most of the other characters too. Like Lorraine’s father, his second wife, her fiancée or his wife (well, you need to read the story to understand these relationship complications) – they all had relatively small appearances but left with an impact that only the lead protagonist can in most novels. I enjoyed the book for the different flavors of emotion. While I disliked a few people in the beginning; I ended the book feeling secure about the world we live in and the abundance of goodness that resides in people.

I enjoyed this book in every sense!! The Sooner The Better is a really good book by Debbie Macomber and was made better by the narrator. An interesting audio and a fulfilling story makes me want to give it a four smiley faces: