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Dewey Read a Thon – Mini Puzzles

Mini Challenge – Book Puzzle

I have chosen an eazy puzzle and I am excited to see what you are going to guess πŸ™‚



I have been focussing on my reading since I started a little late. I did not focus on my challenges; now I have done some substantial catching up.. πŸ™‚

Mini Challenge – Book Sentence Challenge


When the wind blows, the Innocent man and the Pilots wife have the wedding. (Makes sense!! Sort off!!! )

Mini Challenge – Picture It

This is an esay one!!

Paul Coelho

Mini Challenge – Share a Quote

“And yet no one life is the same as any other life. It might be that we will never meet again, and I need you to know that I’ve loved you all my life. ”

From Brida by Paul Coelho

Mini Challenge – Turn the Page


“I would rather read than muddle the past and the present any day!”

Just started ‘Dorchester Terrace’ and found this challenge a little tough 😦

Mini Challenge – Cover Me

Kudos for coming up with some innovative categories..

Best Title: Lets Explore Diabetes with Owls (LOL!!!)
Best Dressed: The Elite
Best Couple: Star Crossed
Most Delicious: Bake it like you mean it
Cutest Animal: The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs
Cutest Kid: The Real Mother
Best to Avoid: In Search of Goliathus Hercules
Best Tattoo: Walking Disaster
Best Cover: The Last Camellia


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for participating! Great sentence!

  2. Thanks for joining in the Book Puzzle mini-challenge. I’m guessing Two Graves? Or To the Grave? Eh, I’m terrible. Keep up the reading!

  3. awwww beautiful quote!! I’m currently reading the Alchemist and I find I rather like it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hope you’ve enjoyed the readathon!! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, I’m the host of the turn to page challenge. I agree, the challenge is deceptive because it isn’t as easy as you’d think. You did a great job though.

  5. Looks like you hada fun read-a-thon. Thanks for stopping by my Cover Me challenge. The results are in if you want to check them out.

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