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Yaaaeee!! Am back and even reading

i__ve_missed_you_by_destructivepandas-d4rse8zHello Hello ,

What a joy it is to be back and start talking to all the wonderful people I meet in this virtual world. I received numerous emails and notes asking me if I had been fine and I apologize that I did not get back to you all; but nevertheless I want to thank each and every one of you for thinking about me.

I wish I had a more solid reason to not have blogged .. like an illness struck me; or that I lost my memory for a brief period of time; or that I was thrown in jail in an unknown country or even worse that I had no access to the internet. But the truth is the only simple reason we all have – “Life’s priorities had taken over”. With a toddler who is becoming more and more demanding each day, a job that makes me feel fulfilled some days and makes me hate myself the rest, with attempting to be fit and improve my running, with trying to sort out things and keep my daily chores up to date – I am swamped.

I sometimes wonder, how the millions of women out there manage to do everything and yet always appear cool and collected. I appreciate every single one of them NOW more than ever. I know that the blurry faces that I see and many times don’t even remember; are women with great power. Women who have chosen to leave their career behind to raise their family; women who wake up many many hours before the sun rise so that they can bring some order in the lives of their family members; women who have scars from the past but hide them with smiles; women who can cure pain and sickness by a mere hug; women who shed tears but tears of strength; women who can make miracles happen and do it all by wearing the sexiest six-inch pumps. I see hundreds of women every day and I may not recollect their faces the next time around, but I know in my mind that this is a women who she commands respect. She may have had a long exhausting day but the smile on her face is not an indication of the day she has had thus far. I aspire to be one of those women, who can juggle a 101 tasks through the day and still do it with a smile.

And so I AM BACK… I missed you all like crazy but I am ready to juggle my 101+1 tasks with a S M I L E.



5 Responses

  1. I admire the juggling act….I don’t think I’d have been blogging back when I was raising my kids and in the midst of a career…but then again, the Internet was not even really “born” then! lol

    Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back, you were missed, and definitely in my vivid imagination thought dead or something…. glad I was wrong.
    Didn’t like another blogger taking over your meme, I just felt it was wrong to do, though I am sure you’ll hear about that one eventually….

    • Hi Freda, Thanks for thinking of me. I dont approve that someone took my meme and no, they dint even bother to check with me. I think it is very unprofessional.. 😦 but there is little one can do

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