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Jinxed: A Reagan Reilly Mystery by Carol Higgins Clark

The Book:

Source for ‘The Book’ section : From Goodreads

Savvy young Los Angeles P.I. Regan Reilly faces an unusual challenge when she gets an urgent call from Lilac Weldon, owner — with her two hippie brothers — of the run-down California winery Altered States. Lilac asks Regan to find her actress daughter, Whitney, aka “Freshness,” in time to attend the wedding of Lilac’s wealthy aunt Lucretia Standish, a 93-year-old silent film star. The Weldons have learned from a secret source that each family member will receive a gift of $2 million from Lucretia — but only if they all attend.

Lucretia’s bridegroom, a 47-year-old con man and former actor, knows he must keep Whitney away; they have met before and she is wise to his game. How Regan foils his plot makes for an exciting climax to this comic suspense novel, filled with Carol Higgins Clark’s inimitable characters

The View:

Jinxed was my cozy mystery read for the week and as always my bedside table has the next one all lined up. I even have the next Reagan Reilly mystery in the pile but that is way down. I wanted to like Jinxed so much, so bad because I was in no mood to read a lousy book to top my already lousy days. But Jinxed was average though it had all the elements that you would expect in a cozy mystery, I had the feeling that no effort was put in defining the storyline strongly.

Reagan Reilly being involved in something that does not even start off as a mystery was something that irked me. She gets a call from a mother who claims her daughter Whitney normally takes off certain weekends and this could be one of them; but can Reagan still help her track her down. The key interest being that they could be getting a lot of cash for merely attending a wedding. While the mystery starts off on a bland note, it takes some direction when the groom has a shady motive and background which makes him have a friend abduct Whitney. Too many characters are in the plot and they all are connected in some way or the other (many of which were too far-stretched). Like Whitney’s boyfriend landing in the same winery so they can get Lucretia to sponsor the movie or the same culprit being in both Jack’s and Reagan’s case.

While the plot and storyline were not impressive, the characters did their share of justice to the plot – each more quirky than the other. I liked Lucretia and her never-dying enthusiasm proving her once glamorous days. Her maid played a very small part but enough to twist and turn the plot in a couple of different directions. The bridegroom was annoying and really dumb; too dumb for my liking. He decided to have a friend abduct Whitney for no solid rhyme or reason and was shocked when he really dint have to do all that. Really? Lilac, her brothers, their employee who goes around looking for some hidden treasure, the bikers were all needed and added the necessary fun element required in a cozy mystery.

Rated a 3 on 5. Like I mentioned the book did have most of the elements that could make a successful book but it definitely failed in some areas making it an overall average read.



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