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Dollhouse by Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian

The Book:

Source for ‘The Book’ section : From Amazon
Dollhouse is an addictively entertaining novel about an exciting, high-profile, complicated family with a huge heart and a lot of love. Written by superstars Kourtney, Kim, and KhloÉ Kardashian, Dollhouse is a delicious glimpse that goes behind the glitter of fame into the hearts of three sisters fiercely devoted to one another and the family they love. Kourtney, Kim, and KhloÉ combined their truly scandalous imaginations with the secrets they know about life in the fast lane to give you a book like nothing you’ve ever read before!

Nothing is more important to the Rameros than family. Just ask Kamille, Kassidy, and Kyle—three beautiful, loving, and deeply loyal sisters who are the heart and soul of their family. Their mother has remarried and their new stepfather, a world-famous all-star baseball player, has come complete with two stepsiblings. Life in L.A. is pretty typical for this newly blended clan.

Until the day everything changes.

The View:

Have you watched ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’? I did; at least a couple of episodes enough to know that it is nothing but immature and enforced drama of the Kardashian’s media life. Dollhouse’ is the written version of the TV episodes. Yes, it does claim that the book is a work of fiction but when you read the book you realize that it is full of the Kardashians. For starters, most of the characters names start with a ‘K’, one of them is a model (read Kim) and one of them is pregnant (read Kourtney). There are two younger step siblings as well .. The only character that they missed replicating in the book was Rob, but I think that was intentional as he is not very interesting even in the TV episodes.

The plot is not thick and has an abundance of inspiration (read as copy) from the Kardashian’s lives. The language used in the book is neither casual nor detailed and a lot of the language usage involves slangs. I was particularly annoyed by the way they kept calling each other as ‘doll’ and liberally used words like totally, cool etc.. The sisters and their friends paid very little respect to each other or their parents and that was another downer.

If you have not watched or read about the Kardashians you would definitely struggle with understanding or identifying with the siblings in Dollhouse. The book by itself has very little character introductions or relationship definitions. The only clear and well-defined relationship was between the two elder sibling sisters as they were portrayed as best friends too. The men in the book where just there and came in only when a little bit extra drama was needed and that includes Chase (who was primarily responsible for most of the drama between the women), Benjy and any other fling the girls had.

I like the Kardashians and I have nothing against them but I think they should stick to mindless reality TV and not writing books. This is definitely not their cup of tea. The book lacked imagination, good writing skills and everything else. I would rate this book a 2 on 5 and assure you that you wont miss anything if you pass this one. It does deserve one plus point and that is for the cover design.



2 Responses

  1. I think you gave a pretty balanced review. I don’t hate the Kardashians as some people do but I can’t say I’m a fan either. I’ve never seen their show (at least not a full episode; my mom watches sometimes so I’ve caught bits and pieces) so I don’t know that much about them. I did read their non-fiction book and it was kind of interesting to learn about their life and some of their struggles. I heard of this book but kind of assumed it’d be just as you described. So yeah, I won’t be reading it because it seems like a waste of time and I look for more in a book. Still, didn’t want to totally disregard it so I’m glad I read your review.

  2. i enjoyed the book, but i am a teenager so of course i like t the drama, but i think this is a fair comment but i would say this book is aimed at teens more than older adult.

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