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Popped: A Reagan Reilly Mystery by Carol Higgins Clark

The Book:

L.A.-based private detective Regan Reilly heads to Las Vegas to help out her old school chum Danny Madley. Danny is producing a reality TV show featuring three married couples who have all suffered the proverbial “Seven Year Itch,” but are now vying for a chance to renew their vows in a wedding-cake-shaped hot air balloon — and win one million dollars! But Danny has received an anonymous letter warning him to halt production, and “accidents” start happening on the set. It’s up to Regan to find out what’s lurking behind the scenes….After all, the show must go on!

Popped takes us from the kitschy glamour of the Las Vegas casinos and run-down hotels off the Strip to the world-famous Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta — a funny, fast-paced romp!

The View:

The Regan Reilly series is starting to become a regular by my bedside. Well theoretically at least, given that I have not been on my bed for the past two weeks. My toddler has been sick and that means that I am getting my sleep wherever I can and whenever I can. That also explains why I have struggling awfully with my reading and everything else.

Getting back to the book.. ‘Popped’. The first few chapters with introductions to the characters and the plot was captivating. The overall story and the approach taken to represent the mystery was interesting but not mind-blowing. As the story progressed the charm of the mystery faded and it became predictable. The ending did no justice at all and was plain average.

In my previous reviews of the Reagain Reilly mystery series I have confessed to liking the quirky characters and that is true with this book as well. Some of the characters add so much value and make an impact even if their presence was minimal. I would like for these mysteries to have a lot more of ‘could-it-be-him’ scenarios but they never do. The mystery is always and sometimes boringly straight-forward.

‘Popped’ is short and when it was time to put it down, I wished there was something more happening. This is a fun, extremely fast-paced read with some mind-blowing characters. If it had not been for the predictable ending and the lack of intrigue this would have been a complete winner. But for now, we will have to settle with a 3.5 on 5.



One Response

  1. I need to check out the earlier books. I enjoyed Gypped and probably would have liked it more had I read the rest of them.

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