Clover by Dori Sanders

The Book:

How does a ten-year old African-American girl react when she has a new white step-mother? Does it get worse that even before she gets to understand and like (?) this new mother of hers, her father passes away, leaving the two unlikely relatives to live together and face the challenges that come with it.

The View:

‘Clover’ is a short book and while I won’t say it was well-written, I have to admit that it conveyed the message of prejudice and racial differences nicely. The forced relationship between the sudden-mother and her daughter grows into you. The beginning of the book is kind of sad but it slowly builds into an anticipation where the reader is eager to know how the two lead characters bond.

I have noticed that books that are short in length generally lack depth and while it was not true for ‘Clover’ there were certain elements that I would have liked to have been focussed on with greater intent. The character descriptions fell flat and appeared as if many of them jumped right into the plot with no proper introductions. The writing was simple, elegant and to the point. The story-telling sequence kept going back and forth with flashbacks giving us a good insight into the past right when it was needed.

The story is unique and has a different perspective and for that I am rating this a 3 on 5.