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Wrecked: A Reagan Reilly Mystery by Carol Higgins Clark

The Book:

Private Investigator Regan Reilly and her husband, Jack Reilly want to spend their first wedding anniversary with a quiet romantic weekend away from home. They arrive at Jack’s parents’ beautiful beachfront home on Cape Cod late at night only to experience a major storm. The next morning things don’t turn out as they planned either. Jack enters the house with two nosy sisters from their neighbourhood who decide to stay with them as the storm caused havoc in their house. Then Skip, their caretaker enters completely distraught claiming he found Adele Hopkins, their immediate neighbor at the bottom of the staircase. They all rush back to help her, but Adele is not there.

The immediate assumption is that she was washed away with the waves. Regan and Jack want to inform her family or friends about the mishap but the mystery deepens when they start investigating who Adele really was. The numerous apology letters/cards in her house and the pillows were definitely not normal – But even the strangest of persons must have a relative or friend who would need to know about their well-being. Isn’t it?

The View:

I am really enjoying the Regan Reilly series and find myself grabbing a book each time I visit the library. There is something about this series that keeps catching my attention each time I read them. The formula for these books is straight-forward – the writing is simple, the chapters short (Oh, don’t we just love that), the characters plain yet interesting and the mysteries are so-so; not mind-blowing and some of them are so plain that you could get away without really even solving them.

“Wrecked” was one of those books with the typical ‘Regan Reilly Formula’ embedded in it. The beginning of the book was boring and had absolutely nothing to look forward too. As I read the book I was hoping that a different mystery would come through – maybe now, surely the next chapter. But I was left yearning for more. The 2 young women who started the Pillow Talk but cannot seem to stop complaining about an old boss , the odd characters who were part of a theater group called the ‘Traveling Thespians’ and the strange repairman who helped Reagan’s friend Kit with her car repair were all engaging and kept me hoping for some more drama.

The characters were either outright weird or plain simple and I enjoyed both of them. Of course the plot had the right mixture of the characters so there was a pleasant balance that was maintained. Some of the characters like Kit or the nosy sisters from the neighborhood just graced through the story but still left an impact. Adele Hopkins though the heart of the story was neglected and I wanted to read a lot more of what she thought or what she felt of the situation she was put in. Her captor and her reaction to the situation was a big disappointment.

I would highly recommend Carol Higgins Clark and the Reagan Reilly series. There are a few books that could be a disappointment but you will surely enjoy most of it. This one though only scores a 3 on 5.



It’s Monday! What are you reading? 2012/04/16

This is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila from Book Journey.

The books that I read this week are below.

For the next week, some neat reads are lined up.