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Cursed: A Reagan Reilly Mystery by Carol Higgins Clark

The Book:

Source for ‘The Book’ section : From Goodreads
“Cursed” opens on a cold and gray January morning. Sleet and snow are swirling as Regan arrives at a warehouse in Long Island City with a trunk full of her old case files from Los Angeles. After carting all her boxes into a storage unit, she heads back out into the snow, and her cell phone rings.

Abigail Feeney, a young woman who had lived across the hall from Regan in an apartment complex in the Hollywood Hills, is on the line. Abigail believes her life has been cursed since birth. She was born on Friday the 13th of January, and her parents gave her a name with 13 letters. A hairdresser on movie sets, Abigail was recently injured at work when a piece of scaffolding fell and knocked her over, and her arm was broken in two places. But that isn’t why she is calling. “Regan ” she exclaims. “The ‘no good bum’ has been spotted in town. I desperately need the money he owes me. Can you please come out here and help me find him?”

Regan immediately knows the identity of the “no good bum.” From her L.A. apartment, Regan had often seen Abigail’s ex, Cody Castle, sitting by the pool, bent over his cell phone, text messaging nonstop. Before he disappeared three months ago, he borrowed $100,000 from Abigail. He promised to pay her back in three months.

“Find him?” Regan asks.

“Yes My grandmother is flying here tomorrow. There’s a condo she wants to buy me. But we need that money. She can’t find out I don’t have it. Regan, can’t you spend a few days with me?”

If Regan weren’t freezing, she might have made an excuse. But Jack was away at a seminar, Regan had never liked the “no good bum,” and Abigail had brought her chicken soup when she’d had the flu last winter. Within hours Regan is on a flight to Los Angeles where her adventure with Abigail will take her from the beaches of Malibu, to the mountains north of the city, to the renovated lofts of downtown L.A.

Regan starts to feel Abigail’s curse is contagious as she encounters a cast of characters who aren’t always welcoming. Some are downright dangerous. And there’s one who is the most dangerous of all…

The View:

I am starting to like Carol Higgins Clark much more than I thought I would. This is the second book I am reading this year from the Reagan Reilly Mysteries and am enjoying the wacky characters and the simple yet interesting mysteries more and more with each book.

Abigail’s hunt for her ex-boyfriend so she could get her money back from him did not sound interesting to say the least and the minute the plot was introduced I found myself sulking. I was not convinced that Reagan should make the trip to solve this lousy case but things did take a turn. The surprising element in this book was that there were no other plots or subplots and yet I remained engrossed. The hand model friend was suspicious from the very beginning. Oh, how I love it when my intuitions are a part of the plot.

Reagan did not do any complicated investigation work with this one and merely got lucky. I think a lot of the case solving happened more because of being in the right place at possibly the right time. Abigail is an uncommon character, her belief that she is cursed made all the events around her believable. I missed the presence of Jack and Reagan’s parents in the plot and wished they were involved more.

“Cursed” is a good read and I will rate it with a 4 on 5. Remember to give this mystery series a try.

PS: The next one I am reading is ‘Wrecked’ and I don’t have to say that I am so looking forward to it.



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