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Private Games by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan

The Book:

Private, the renowned investigation firm has been assigned the prestigious job of providing security for the 2012 Olympic games to be held in London. Hours before the Olympic Games opening ceremony is to be held, a high-ranking influential person related with the Games is found dead – or rather ruthlessly killed. The Private officer Peter Knight who was called to the scene of crime develops a personal interest in this case as the slain man was to wed his mother on Christmas Eve.

While the investigators are struggling to find a lead to the case, a news reporter Karen Pope shows up with a letter that she received from a man calling himself as Cronus. He claims that the Olympic games has lost its glory and he will be the one to restore it. The case takes off from there and the hunt for a mad man starts. As the investigation proceeds they realize that he is not alone and has 3 sisters to help him fulfill his weird dream / obsession.

The Olympic games officially begins and so does the death spree. Will Private find the crazy man and stop him before he destroys the Games or will he win? Will Peter Knight manage to protect his family while fulfilling his duties or will he fail as a father and son?

The View:

I am a self-proclaimed James Patterson fan. I can safely say that I have read most of his books and while I have loved some and hated some, there is no denying that they have all entertained me. When I am in a lousy mood or just need my ‘ME’ time, reading a Patterson book is what I would do to rejuvenate myself. Private Games is part of the very hyped Private series. I was looking forward to reading the books from this series even though I did not enjoy the first one and I am glad I did it.

‘Private Games’ is a much better book than Private. The research with relation to the Olympic Games was complete and did not have any visible loopholes like some of his books generally do. A fair amount of details and descriptions went into the games, athletes and venues and I felt like I was a part of the London Olympic Games. The plot was new and had a lot of surprise elements when you least expected it.

The characters were catchy. The hero admirable, the villain annoying and the others impactful. In this book, I felt that Cronus’s sisters played a great role and added more vampiness to the plot than Cronus himself. I would have loved for them to have made a 360 and turn back
on Cronus.. Wouldn’t that would have been an exciting end to the plot??? But sadly their death and actions were predictable.

Rated a 4 on 5. ‘Private Games’ has all the characteristics of a successful Patterson book and then some more. Read it on a dull moody day or a fast paced one and be assured that you will love this nevertheless.

PS: My review of Private is here for your reading.



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