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Mobbed: A Regan Reilly Mystery by Carol Higgins Clark

The Book:

Private Investigator Reagan Reilly joins her mother Nora at a garage sale that is being run by Nora’s friend’s mother Edna. The garage sale is pretty hyped as the earlier tenant was Cleo Paradise, a successful Hollywood actress. She had been renting the place but had to leave in a hurry and everything that she left behind is now up for sale. Edna has employed two garage sale guru’s to help her with the event and to Reagan’s surprise one of them was associated with a man she had spied on just recently for a friend.

Over the course of the day she gets a couple of phone calls from Cleo’s parents and her friend letting Reagan know that Cleo may be missing. She takes the case and starts work almost immediately. Will she be able to find Cleo alive or will the stalker get to her before Reagan?

The View:

I have read a few Regan Reilly Mystery’s and have wanted to read the rest of them. I am even considering picking this series for my ‘Finishing the Series’ challenge but am torn between the other strong competitor James Patterson’s Alex Cross series.

‘Mobbed’ is a good book and the mystery flows seamlessly through the plot. Though there are multiple sub plots they all blend together well and there is no place where I had to go back to understand how a character got introduced or became a suspect. There is no murder involved in this mystery and yet the book kept me engrossed. The pace was a little slow as there were numerous things happening alongside the main garage sale.

Edna is a character you love to hate. She had a personality so strong that if someone like her comes across your life you would remember her for a long time. The garage sale guru’s added a nice touch to the plot. I enjoyed how the story of the engagement that Reagan investigated merged with the garage sale lady. Reagan played her part nicely though I felt that she had a much lesser role here. A lot of characters did not have a lengthy scene to play but were required to add the much-needed spice.

Rated a 4 on 5 for the entertaining, quick read and for the seamless mystery.



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