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Teen Idol by Meg Cabot

The Book:

Jenny Greenley is a junior at the Clayton High School in Indiana. She is everyone’s best friend and is liked by all. She is also the columnist for the school’s newspaper and writes the ‘Ask Annie’ column. When Luke, a Hollywood superstar wants to experience high school, the school authorities naturally entrust Jen with this big secret. Everything is going fine until Luke Striker accidentally reveals his identity causing all the teenage girls to go crazy about his presence.

Unable to continue his undercover experience anymore he decides to go back to his lifestyle but not before he reminds Jen of the power she could have. He also invites her to accompany him to the dance and she gladly accepts. Is there going to be a romance between the two of them or are they just good friends?

The View:

I love reading young adult fiction though I rarely do it these days. I was excited to start reading ‘Teen Idol’ as it has been on my TBR for a long time now. I enjoyed this book greatly. The writing was simple, the characters pleasant and the plot unexpected.

When I started reading I expected the story to take a particular route of a high school girl meeting a successful handsome actor, their paths cross, one things leads to another and voila .. they are in love. I was gladly surprised when that did not happen and I so wanted Jen to finally reveal her feelings for Scott. The story had everything that one would expect from high school, a best friend who you disagree with, a bullied victim, a handsome yet intellectual school newspaper editor, school seniors, weird teachers and this one even had a doll. The addition of the Betty Ann plot was neat and I specifically liked how the story started off with that element.

Regarded the characters I started liking Jen right from page 1. There is really nothing to not like about her and it is no surprise that she is the most liked girl in school. Trina was not particularly my favorite but I was nevertheless glad when she changed for the better. If I had to choose between Scott or Luke I would have had a tough time. They are both handsome men with unique lovable traits. Scott and Jen make a great pair. The only pair that I did not like was of Luke and Geri … I so din’t like that girl.

Rated a 4 on 5. ‘Teen Idol’ is a great fun and quick read. Very light and refreshing as well.



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