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Run for Your Life by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

The Book:

Source for ‘The Book’ section : From Goodreads
A calculating killer who calls himself The Teacher is taking on New York City, killing the powerful and the arrogant. His message is clear: remember your manners or suffer the consequences! For some, it seems that the rich are finally getting what they deserve. For New York’s elite, it is a call to terror.

Only one man can tackle such a high-profile case: Detective Mike Bennett. The pressure is enough for anyone, but Mike also has to care for his 10 children-all of whom have come down with virulent flu at once!

Discovering a secret pattern in The Teacher’s lessons, Detective Bennett realizes he has just hours to save New York from the greatest disaster in its history. From the #1 bestselling author comes RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, the continuation of his newest, electrifying series.

The View:

Run for your life is a short, suspenseful and fun read. Bennett’s family set up is always a joy to read and in this one; all of his kids are sick. Mary Catherine and his grandfather Seamus help him with the family situation while he is busy dealing with a psychotic killer who seems to be targeting and killing people randomly across New York City. He calls himself the ‘Teacher’. It is not long before Bennett tracks him, but once he does the killings become personal.

I enjoyed reading the family aspect of Bennett’s life much more in this book than I normally do. Mary Catherine is a delightful lady and I loved how she handled hundreds of things with ease making Bennett feel like a total outsider in his own house. The part about Seamus trying to catch a thief was boring and I am still not sure why it was included (as it didn’t seem to have any impact whatsoever).

The plot fell short in more ways than one and refused to hold my interest for long. I kept putting down the book and browsing my TBR pile again and again before I finally finished this. Rated a 3 on 5. Yes, there are some mind-blowing twist and a vicious killer, but there are much better books by Patterson out there.



One Response

  1. I agree with your review. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE wasn’t one of Patterson’s better works, but I really enjoyed reading more about the Bennett clan.

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