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The Modern Magi by Carol Lynn Pearson

The Book:

Annabelle Perkins is a fifty-seven year old average woman who never married or had children. Her only brother died in Vietnam and her parents are no more. She had two prized possessions – one was a glove her father claimed belonged to President Roosevelt and the other was a bronze lamb. Her mother believed that the bronze lamb got lost on its way to Bethlehem to meet baby Jesus but will find its way one fine day.

Now Annabelle wants to gift the little lamb to Christ and for that she will need to make a trip to the Holy Land. She has even found a travel agent and made the deposit. Slowly yet surely, she started to save money for the biggest trip of her life. Just when she has saved enough she comes across a family that may need the money. Does Jesus speak to her like He did to her mother? Does she give the money away to the needy or will she fulfill her life’s objective of taking the lamb to Bethlehem?

The View:

The Modern Magi is a feel-good book. It is a perfect book that you can read anytime but makes much more sense when read this time of the year. I made a visit to the library and happened to find this in the librarian’s seasonal recommendations section, I grabbed it and started reading it instantly.

The story is simple, predictable and yet enjoyable. You will continue to read this book till the end for only one thing and that is the MESSAGE that is conveyed. The book will touch your heart and soul and will remind you of the importance of Christmas each time you read it. With less than a 100 pages, this is a commendable piece of work by the author.

There are no major character development and many characters are just mentioned before their role comes to play. This is however sufficient for this book. The story is carried forward gracefully by the message it intends to convey and the story but not by the characters. Annabelle is a very simple, straight-forward and honest person. I kept picturing her as a 30 something character as opposed to the 50 something person portrayed. She is down-right huggable.

Rated a 5 on 5. Read this before Christmas and I promise you that you will look at the entire holidays with a different perspective.



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