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Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Mysteries, Book 4) by Tasha Alexander

The Book:

Lady Emily and her husband Colin Hargreaves are in beautiful Constantinople for their honeymoon. They get introduced to Sir Richard St. Clare while on board the Orient Express and the very same night he has a drug overdose. In Constantinople, a half English harem girl is murdered and Sir Richard reveals that the dead girl is his long-lost daughter. Emily promises that she would find the murderer and provide justice to Sir Richard and his dead daughter.

But very soon, there are more murders and Emily may herself be in grave danger. Did she bite off more than she can chew? Is the murderer the dead girl’s brother Benjamin? Will she finally unravel the mystery that is hidden in the secret world of the harems?

The View:

Part historical, part mystery and even part romance.. this book has a little bit of everything for every reader. I picked this book aware that this was the 4th book is a series but was not prepared for the numerous references to the past books. The past references and character introductions were a damper to the pace of the story. I am sure, readers who followed this series diligently would have not had a similar problem as I did. The historical references, the detailed descriptions and the characters from the Ottoman Empire did more than their job to carry this book forward. I am not a fan of historical books but found this one amazingly interesting.

Lady Emily is a strong female lead and I enjoyed how she played her role of an alien in a unique setting so well. She follows her instincts, lands herself in trouble almost every time but never ever gives up. Colin is likeable too but I felt that he and Lady Emily had very little in common. The romance between them was not as steaming as what you would expect of a couple during their honeymoon making us believe that the marriage was more a convenience or after thought rather than a love bonding. Also I felt Colin was practically wasted in this book with no substantial contribution to the plot or the mystery.

Rated a 3 on 5. I enjoyed the setting, certain parts of the plot and even the characters but still this book failed to captivate me. I found certain liberties that the lead characters took unbelievable, the plot far-fetched and the romance a bit stale.

With ‘Tears of Pearl’ I will be finishing one more challenge this year. How much more exciting can reading get – Guilty pleasure combined with a fulfilled objective.



One Response

  1. This book seems to be my cup of tea. I’ll add it to my TBR list. Thanks for the review. 🙂

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