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Daddy by Christmas by Patricia Thayer

The Book:

Source for ‘The Book’ section : From Goodreads
Jarrett McKane has never believed in Christmas—mistletoe and family just aren’t for him! Yet he’s drawn toward soon-to-be mom Mia Saunders, even though she’s cast him as Scrooge….
For the first time ever Jarrett puts someone else first when trouble comes calling for Mia. And when her bump becomes baby, he’s even at her bedside!

Before Mia, Christmases were spent alone. Now this previously ruthless tycoon might just have found a fairy-tale ending for all his Christmases to come!

The View:

I haven’t read any Harlequin romances this year, not because I don’t enjoy them but I seem to have outgrown most of them. The excitement of a new story or romance was no longer associated with the book and hence I gave up. But as I promised at the beginning of this year I am determined to complete the challenges I have participated in and hence I went about looking for a Harlequin romance book with a relationship in the title for the “Harlequin/Silhouette 2011 Reading Challenge”. ‘Daddy by Christmas’ provided a welcome change to my current reading pattern.

Mia Saunders lives in an almost dilapidated apartment building with elderly people. Jarrett McKane is the new owner and wants them to vacate the building so he could build a new factory, but Mia was not going to let it happen without a fight. She is pregnant, determined, good-looking and Jarrett develops an instant liking for her. They are poles apart but something about the other person kindles a spark.

Mia is a heroine I just loved. She performs her role admirably and it is but obvious that everybody loves her. The story about her past, her brother and the child she is carrying is very touching and provided a much-needed depth to the storyline. I liked Jarrett McKane even when he was the snobby arrogant owner, so it is natural that I liked him much more when he changed for the better. The elderly people in the apartment building, Jarrett’s brother’s family and even Mia’s parents added a lot of value and character to the book.

Rated a 4 on 5. This is a Harlequin romance you will enjoy reading specially at this time of the year.



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