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Heart of the Matter by Marta Perry

The Book:

Source for ‘The Book’ section : From Goodreads
Amanda Bodine’s Boss is so…bossy!
The hard-nosed newspaperman will only assign reporter Amanda Bodine fluff pieces about dog shows. She longs to prove herself with a serious front-page story. But then her own family becomes newsworthy. Suddenly, Ross Lockhart is sitting beside her at Sunday dinner, interviewing her relatives. And he almost seems…like part of the family. Until she realizes he’s after information that will tarnish the Bodine name! Time to teach the boss about the real heart of the matter: love.

The View:

I have read a few books by Marta Perry, I enjoyed all of them and I naturally expected the same from ‘Heart of the Matter’. This book has been on my book shelf for a long time and I eventually dug it out while doing some cleaning last week.

Amanda Bodine works as a journalist and aspires to cover an interesting story someday, but her boss the cocky and arrogant Ross Lockhart assigns worthless assignments such as dog shows to her. There may be a breaking story with the Bodine family and Ross suddenly shows a special interest on the Bodines. He meets her family and quickly warms up to Amanda and her family except her dad. Soon they are attracted to each other but the family story may not help their romance.

Initially I did not like Ross, but soon developed a liking for him. Amanda was lovable though she seemed to lack enthusiasm. I did not understand what attracted the two of them and thought that they were a slightly odd pair (the chemistry between them was overshadowed by the journalistic coverage). I would have loved to see some more romantic sparks between the two of them and was deeply disappointed. The Bodine characters were all unique and lovable. I liked the entire bunch and they surely deserve a series. (I don’t think they could have been captured in a stand-alone book)

The book was good, but not great. I have read some great books by her but this one was a slight disappointment and only rates a 3 on 5 on my scale. Will read the next book for the Bodine family.



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