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The Friend Request by Alex Ford

The Book:

Source for ‘The Book’ section : From Goodreads

Alex Ford’s Dark Comedy. Have you accepted a ‘friend request’ when you should have clicked ignore? Do you really know all the people listed as ‘friends’ on your Facebook page? What if somebody from your past assumed the identity of someone from your present, so they could get close to you? What if they wanted to get close to you, just to hurt you – again. David Andrews’ life is going well.With an imminent promotion at work he’s content in his job. His girlfriend is gorgeous and looking at the amount of friends on his Facebook page he’s very popular too.So, when he sees a friend request from a Barry Taylor, he doesn’t understand why it makes him so nervous, he’s not sure he even recognises the name. Eventually he forgets all about it, until the day he is forced to remember a past that was erased from his memory by a terrible accident.Little does he realise that all the information on his Facebook page might make him a little too vulnerable, especially to a sociopath like Barry Taylor, who is intent on destroying David’s life – for a second time.This leads David, with a little help from his friendly shopkeeper, on a journey of revenge and self-discovery

The View:

For only 99c from Amazon this book is a ‘value-for-money’ read. A light fun and extremely enjoyable book, I read it within a record time-frame. Given that I cannot always dedicate a lot of time to reading these days, such books always receive a thumbs-up from me.

The idea of the plot is unique and highlights a very critical area of online privacy. I cringed when I read certain sections because it could actually happen to any of us. I don’t accept random friend requests but I know a few people who do and if only I can get them to read this book, I am sure they would never accept random friends ever again. Initially I was skeptical, and even thought that the villain was ridiculously meticulous in creating a ‘fake’ active Facebook user, but on deeper thought it is definitely a possibility.

I have to mention that for such a great idea, the writing fell short. In few chapters the writer caught my attention and kept me yearning for more, but in a few others I just wanted to get it over with. Also I felt that the reason for the enmity (takes us back to their childhood) was not strong. I kept looking for more flashback stories but unfortunately there was not much.

This is an enjoyable and educational read (because it highlights the problems of ignorance with online privacy). If you can ignore the writing errors I am sure you will enjoy this one tremendously like I did. Rated a 3.5 on 5.



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