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Living with Pain

I have been a sufferer of endometriosis for many years now. Three surgeries and countless hours of pain have made my life uncertain. I am guessing that my endo started growing 7 years back (atleast that is what I would like to think 🙂 ) instead of assuming I lived with it all my life. I spent the most part of these last seven years in pain.

During the initial years, when the pain got excruciating I visited doctors and that is all I remember doing. I was diagnosed with a lot of medical conditions and treated to all of them, but to no avail. Luckily, my gynaec figured that I could have endo; when I heard it for the first time, my heart sank, I cried, almost fainted and kept asking my doctor the same question – “What’s next?”.

Of course, apart from the physical agony I went through a lot of emotional distress as well. I refused to divulge the details of my medical condition to anyone for fear of annoying speculations and even more annoying sympathies. Now I am blessed with a beautiful baby girl and I cannot thank God enough for all the love I receive from her and my husband every waking hour.

I still know my life can never be normal and the recurring pains do their part of being arrogant reminders. But now I feel the intense responsibility to let others know about this painful condition. I failed to listen to my body when I should have and the doctors struggled to diagnose my condition.. I want to urge to all the women out there to listen to your body. If you feel something is wrong, it most certainly IS.

I have created a Facebook page called ‘Endometriosis – Survive It’ and the like button is on the left side of this blog. If you or anyone you know is a sufferer of endo, go ahead and like it. The FB forum will be used to share information relating to this painful condition.


4 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to hear how you have suffered with this. I hope you are feeling better now, and thank you for sharing this. I myself do not suffer from this, but I appreciate your willingness to help others with it.

  2. I was friends with a woman in South Texas in the early 80’s who had endo, her dx was at less than 30 have a hysterectomy. They did it and only left her 5% of one ovary as she was determined to have a 2nd child. The doctors then found after that her husband had a low count and an infection on top of it which they cleared up with meds and a change of undies from briefs to boxers.
    Now at over 50 odd her two lovely daughters are grown and Velma completed her surgical removal of the last of her ovary years ago and as far as I know is pain free and a grandmother.

    Kavyen it is survivable but not pleasantly so, sorry you are still suffering!

  3. I had a hysterectomy for other reasons, but I had developed severe cramps, which my doctor attributed to endometriosis. I haven’t had any severe cramps from that time onward. I’m sorry you are dealing with this painful condition.

  4. Hey Kavie, I know this condition .. one of my friends is suffering from the same… in fact hers is the worst case I guess … Cant see when she’s in pain … For a lovely gurl like u … God takes care of everything… God bless u always!

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