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10th Anniversary by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

The Book:

Lindsay is married to Joe and is getting ready to get back to work. The first case she gets is of a 15-year-old girl Avis Richardson who was found bleeding in the middle of the road. Lindsay and her partner are determined to find Avis’s baby boy who she claims was taken by a couple after she responded to an ad in a social site. As the investigation proceeds more surprises await them? Is Avis really the victim here or is she fabricating stories after stories?

Cindy is working on the case of a serial rapist. The only lead she has could be a cab but she gets too close to the truth and without even knowing it she becomes the next target for the serial rapist. Conklin and Lindsay are searching for her but will they find her before it is too late?

Yuki is determined to convict Dr Cadance Martin for the murder of her husband but there seems to be a lot more stories with the couple then she expected. First Mr Martin’s numerous affairs including the one with their kid’s nanny, then Mrs Martin’s affair, and finally the picture of Mrs Martin meeting with the hitman. But will any of these be the reason for the murder or is the reason so strong that even Yuki will have second thoughts?

The View:

This is the first time I have swayed away from reading the Women’s Murder Club series in order. Yes, I am reviewing the 10th book before the 9th. Sorry, but I have been on the waiting list of my library for ‘The 9th Judgement’ for a month now and I finally gave in to my desire. That said, I am currently reading the 9th Judgment so the review will be here next week.

10th Anniversary is A Patterson book, short chapters, fast paced story and mysteries that make you want to read more even though you know how it will end. I enjoyed the ’10th Anniversary’ as the book assumed that the readers knew the Women’s murder club characters and did not spend too much time about their introductions, relationships and pasts. The story also starts off with the much awaited wedding and jumps immediately into the mystery solving.

One complain I did have with this book was that the Women from the murder club did not work together on a single case as they generally do, they more or less worked separately but continued to do their thing. I missed Claire as I like her the most among all the women. She reflects to me as a very sensible and secure women and many times she brings a lot of balance into the club. I hope we get to see more of her in the 11th book. I am also eager to see how the marriage will work out for Lindsay as she seems to be too busy with her work life in this one and ignoring (well, almost!) her spouse.

An enjoyable read specially for those hectic days when you want to complete your tasks but still need a break. I cooked for a cartload of guests with this book lying on the kitchen table so I could run to it every time. Rated a 4 on 5, you will finish this one before you realize you even started it.



One Response

  1. I missed Claire in this one too.

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