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Deceptions by Michael Weaver

The Book:

An artist by profession Gianni Garetsky is suddenly a sort-after man. The FBI is looking for his childhood friend Battaglia. Battaglia who was once a painter like Garetsky is now a mobster and has not been in contact with his friend for over 20 years. Gianni still has contacts with the mafia and seeks their help to escape after killing a few FBI men in the form of self-protection. He also is determined to find his old friend.

Will he find Battaglia and help him from the crisis he appears to be in? Why are powerful men searching for him? Does Battaglia have a family that he will need to protect?

The View:

I have been having Michael Weaver on the list of authors I should give a try. Last week I finally managed to do it when I pulled ‘Deceptions’ out of my TBR pile.

The plot was fast-paced and I found myself devouring the pages just to know what was happening next. There were numerous twists and turns and some unexpected crime scenes. The story delves on the reunion of Gianni Garetsky, a painter and his childhood friend Vittorio Battaglia. As they grew up they pursued different fields of interest, with Gianni becoming a renowned artist and Battaglia a mobster. Years later someone is searching for Battaglia and assumes that Gianni would be able to direct them to him. Thus starts a struggle for survival between two friends, corrupt officials and notorious dons.

The plot had too many characters and many of them were over the top. Mary for instance is someone you can never visualize or connect to. She was way too unreal and out there. Paulie behaved more like an adult then a young boy. The dons, their men and the officials were all very strong and manipulative. I don’t like stories involving Italian mafia as they make me feel that the world is one corrupt hell. Of course at the end, truth always prevails but the nagging feeling of discomfort remains.

Crime, murder, sex, violence, deception.. this book had everything. My only complaint is that it had too much of everything. Rated a 3 on 5. If you are looking for a fast paced read, this could be the one.



One Response

  1. I loved Deceptions! Esp Mary Yung. LOL Have you read The Scarlatti Inheritance?

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