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The Promised World by Lisa Tucker

The Book:

Lila Cole’s twin brother Billy Cole is shot by the police under circumstances categorized as ‘suicide by police’. Lila is extremely close with her brother and struggles to cope with this huge loss. To make matters even more difficult for her she becomes aware that Billy’s wife had charged him with endangering the life of his middle child eight year old William. Lila wants to adopt Billy’s children and provide them with the life that Billy would have wanted them to have, but will need the support and encouragement of her husband Patrick. Patrick loves Lila and would do anything for her, but with Billy’s death; the circumstances have changed. Patrick becomes aware that the twin’s mother Barbara who they claimed was dead is still very much alive.

Can he trust his wife of 7 years as much as he did? What was her relationship with Billy and her mother? Has she forgotten her past or is she simply hiding it from him?

The View:

Stories about twins always fascinate me; as I believe they have this unique relationship with each other. I have read a few books on twins and most of them have been really delightful, I expected the same with ‘The Promised World’.

This book had a promising start but a disappointing end. The story had a lot of potential and was well-told but it fell flat in a few key areas. I failed to understand the reasoning for a number of happenings and the author missed providing the details. Irrespective of all this I was excited reading this book. The plot was narrated by different characters, had alternating elements from the past and the present and had a new character appearing every now and then to keep the suspense going. Lisa Tucker is a great story-teller and the writing is spot on – visualizing this story was one heck of an easy task.

Not just one but almost all of the characters were complex, in a good way. The story catered to exhibiting them neatly and portrayed their inherent natures in a realistic fashion. The events in the plot required of them to have an array of emotions and each of the characters exhibited the required emotions honestly. I felt myself relating to all of them except Lila; (Her relationship with Billy was too complex even for me). If I had to choose one hot favorite however, it would have to be William, Billy’s son because when the story was told from his perspective I felt an instant connection with him.

With ‘The Promised World’ I remained constantly interested in what lay ahead and kept on reading. This book definitely falls in the category of books that continue to intrigue you as you read on. I would have rated this a 4 on 5 because I really found this to be pleasurable read but will have to settle for a 3 on 5 because the plot failed in quite a few areas including the end.



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