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Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Sidney Sheldon

The Book:

Four deaths under different circumstances occur in different parts of the world. The only link that they have is that all the dead men worked for the biggest think tank in the world, Kingsley International Group. Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris, widows of two dead scientist are invited to the Kingsley International group’s office to meet with the CEO. It is here that they meet and before it is too late realize that their lives are in danger as well.

Is there a secret that their husbands shared which caused them their lives? Who is trying to kill them and how are they being watched every moment? Will they find the truth or meet the same fate as their husbands?

The View:

I thought I had read every book by Sidney Sheldon. In fact I was almost positive that I had read every single book; that is; till I decided to google him one lazy afternoon last week. Surprise!!! I still had three of his books to strike off my list -‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’, ‘Mistress of the Game’ and ‘After the Darkness’. As per protocol; I picked the first one and finished it just as quickly.

‘Are you afraid of the Dark?’ moves fast, has simple characters and an entertaining plot. The plot initially appeared to be a bit far-fledged. I then resorted to the internet to know more about weather control and became aware that there is work happening in this field. The story is well-written and while some of the technological advances adopted in the story seemed out-there it is an enjoyable read.

The two women Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris do not get along initially and keep arguing over simple things. Once they realize that they are both being targeted by one man they join forces and surprisingly work well together. I liked both of them and the reality in which their relationship proceeds from two perfect strangers to mature friends. Since they were both like-able I even ignored the fact that they kept escaping death more by luck than actual smartness. The twist with the ‘Princess’ was something I anticipated but I still liked how the plot led to the ending seamlessly.

Reading a Sidney Sheldon book after such a long gap reminded me of why I am such a huge fan. With this book I continue to remain his ardent fan as he has not disappointed me even a wee-bit. Rated a 4 on 5.



One Response

  1. I kind of remember the blurb for this Sheldon book but never read it yet Kavyen…. I totally agree that his works always amaze me when I have not read one of his books in a long while and then sit down and cannot stop until the last page which always comes too soon!

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