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Life from Scratch by Melissa Ford

The Book:

Rachel Goldman resorts to cooking after a divorce that leaves her heartbroken. Once a graphic designer; she now spends her time learning to cook and blogging about it. Her blog not just talks about her experiments with cooking but also runs wild about her emotions and thoughts. Without even knowing she quickly manages to gather a silent and adoring reader base. Maybe she is even falling in love again.

But first she has to learn to identify and redefine her values, her emotions, her expectations and LIFE as a whole. Will she be able to start her life back from scratch?

The View:

This book came with a high recommendation. You ask what that would mean? Well, a fellow blogger and an esteemed one at that. JuJu from Tales of Whimsy raved about this book sometime ago and I instantly downloaded it. However, I only managed to get to it a few weeks back.

“Life from Scratch” is a book you would want to read when you are down, really down because it will immediately lighten your spirits. Yes, exactly the way you would feel when you talk to a good friend and you both rant about your sorrows and manage to forget about it when you finish your conversation and tea. A sick child, a busy spouse, an ‘I-dont-give-a-damn-how-you-feel’ friend / visitor and reading on your kindle iPhone app after midnight … Even with all this I loved it, enjoyed it and have marked it for a re-read.

Rachel was real, honest and absolutely adorable (did I mention real?). She is a blogger and that part needless to say touched a familiar chord. She uses blogging as a means to vent out her anger, depression, happiness and every emotion that she faces on a daily basis. To be honest, I did have a pang of jealousy hitting me when she manages to secure a reader base with no efforts from her side (does it work that way?)… I so wanted to jump into her shoes just then.

I recently discovered cooking and blogging and the book was a subtle reminder of how many of us resort to blogging for so many self-made reasons (each one better and more genuine than the other). Rated a 4 on 5. If Rachel is going to come back again in a sequel I would probably be a proud ‘bloggerazzi’.



5 Responses

  1. Interesting… I think I have seen this one around and heard she was a blogger. I may look into Thanks!

  2. OMG I’m so so so so so glad you liked it! Wahooo! And thank you for the shout out! *high five*

  3. I like these kind of books. Will be checking it out.

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