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The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

The Book:

Erica had recently arrived at Fjallbacka, Sweden to sort out her parents belongings after their sudden death. To add to her tragedy she finds her childhood friend Alexandra dead. At first sight it is a suicide but why would Alex who had everything take her own life? Erica’s obsession with finding the truth gets aggravated when Alex’s parents require her help to write about Alex. With police officer Patrik’s help she starts solving the mysterious life of her childhood friend.

What appears as an apparent suicide could be a murder to hide a deadly secret from the past. But what are they trying to hide? Can the past really catch up with you after so many years?

The View:

I love fiction and I could spend half my life (well, all of it) sitting in a couch and turning pages of intense well-written suspenseful fiction. “The Ice Princess” by Camilla Lackberg is definitely one of those books.

The story kept me glued. There were so many revelations that it got my head spinning. I am a fast reader and with this book I seem to have beat my own record. (I finished this in 5 hours except for the breaks that I absolutely had to take). The ending was something I least expected – I had my suspicions but it was nowhere close. I also enjoyed it tremendously when a part of the mystery is solved but is not exposed to the reader until much later.

There were many characters in the story; all of who played a vital part in the crime or in unravelling it. Their names however were another story, too complicated if I did intend to pronounce them loud. Also there was Alex (the murdered victim) and another Axel… Got me confused if only for a second. I liked both Erica and Patrik and the way they worked separately (yet together) in finding the culprit.

For me Camilla Lackberg with this book did what Steig Larrson did with his Millenium Series…ofcourse Erica Falck was not Lisbeth Salander and did not create the same impact Lisbeth had, but nevertheless she did have strengths of her own. Rated a 4 on 5.

I received a complimentary copy by Free Press in exchange for my honest review.



6 Responses

  1. Great review Kavyen! Thanks for sharing….

  2. This was an okay read for me but I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much! I’m planning on giving the author another try at some point though…

  3. Hi I’m visiting your blog from Book blogs. I enjoyed your reviews. I also review books. Come visit at http://sharonhenning.blogspot.com

  4. Warning: possible spoiler alert

    Today I accidentally left this book in a restaurant & it disappeared. I had read to within several pages of the end. It was revealed which person killed Alex in order to continue to hide the truth about what happened to the children. I know how the artist died. I know about Alex’s sister. There were only a few pages left. Please!!! what else happened? I don’t want to buy the book again for several pages.

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