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In Big Trouble by Laura Lippman

The Book:

Baltimore PI Tess Monaghan receives a newspaper photograph of her ex-boyfriend Crow with the headline “IN BIG TROUBLE”. She would have ignored it but when Crow’s parents hire her to find him she starts her journey to Texas. Finding Crow in the new city may not be as easy as she expected; to add to the complication she finds a deserted dead body.

When she eventually manages to find Crow she has to deal with the new woman in his life and her past. After the discovery of another dead body her quest for motives and answers only becomes stronger.

Will she eventually be able to solve the age-old cold case? Who is behind all these murders? Will Tess and Crow get back together?

The View:

“In big trouble” is my second Laura Lippman book. The first book I read was “Baltimore Blues” and I liked it so much that I decided to splurge on a few more books by her. “In Big Trouble” was also apt for one of my challenges this year so I was excited to start this one. Apart from all these excuses, I read some rave reviews about the 4th book and went against the norm by picking up a book in between the series.

Sadly, the story was definitely not my favorite. There were too many murders, too many assumptions and too many characters for my liking. The plot was based in Texas (and not Baltimore) and Tess manages to get away with way too many things in spite of being out-of-state without an investigator license. The plot was weak and dwelled more on the past than the current events. The climax was definitely interesting and unexpected but because of the overall effect of the story, I did not enjoy it as much as I would normally have.

I liked Tess in this book but I was disappointed by her abilities. I felt that she should be a pro by now and not continue to rely merely on assumptions. The change of location (based in San Antonio instead of Baltimore) had no effect on the story. But I missed Tess’s aunt and all the action back home in Baltimore.There were a lot of characters I liked and I hope to see more of them in the next books, though I cannot see the context to bring them back.

“In Big Trouble” was just there and I will rate it a 3 on 5. I partly blame myself for rushing into the 4th book without reading the other books in the series but I thought it should not make a difference (I guess I am sorely mistaken). I do have a few more standalone books (in my TBR) by Laura Lippman and I will be reading them shortly, but for now I am going take an “Author-Break” for a short time and finish up a few more books that have been begging for attention.



4 Responses

  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS start a series at the beginning! LOL

  2. LOL @Julie I haven’t read the series but I probably would have had a problem with her getting away with stuff when she was out of state 😦

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