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Hollywood Nobody (Hollywood Nobody Series, Book 1) by Lisa Samson

The Book:

Scotty is a fifteen year old teen who has spent all of her life running around the country with her mother; Charlie is a food designer for Hollywood movies and is a strict Vegan. Scotty is tired of all the travelling in their RV called Y and the lack of a “normal” teenage life, not to mention the annoying vegan restrictions imposed on her. To pass time she uses her insider knowledge of the film world to blog about Hollywood while remaining anonymous. In the latest film location she meets the young handsome hero Seth Haas and develops a friendship with him. It is here that she comes face to face with a secret that Charlie has been hiding from her and she is desperate to find out the truth.

Will Charlie finally tell her the truth? What have they been running away from all these years? Is Scotty even
her real name?

The View:

As some of you already know I am starting to explore and experiment with new genres. Hollywood Nobody is a result of the adventurous spirit I am in. The person I was a month back would have not picked up this book; but well as I said .. I am a changed person 🙂 and Eeekkksss!!! I am so enjoying the changed me.

Hollywood Nobody is a young adult fiction and though the book states that this is a Christian YA fiction – the religious message is not overbearing. The story was light and humorous but also had some suspense in the form of Charlie’s secrets. The main characters were well-developed but the rest of them were just there and made little or no impact to the story. However the protagonist does manage to connect with all of them real well and there were little or no loose ends.

Scotty was just a little too mature for a fifteen year old teen. It must be from the experience that she has had travelling around but even then her character was too strong for me to digest. But again; it has been a while since I have been around teens so maybe I am just being oversensitive. Apart from that I liked her. Her creativity and spirit was infectious. The things she did for Charlie and her other few friends was both sensitive and sweet. When it came to Charlie; I did not like her as I felt she was being an irresponsible parent. However as the story proceeded I began to understand the situation from her perspective and even started liking her.

Hollywood Nobody is not one of my typical reads but I enjoyed it nevertheless. It is a fast book and I always like that. The aspect of blogging made me feel at home and I will be reading many more YA books after this one. Rated a 4 on 5.  My honest opinion is that YA readers will enjoy this more than I did but again I am not an expert in this genre.



4 Responses

  1. That is awesome! I love branching out—if for no other reason it keeps your normal reads from running together!

  2. I agree.. Sometimes my normal reads just get me all muddled up 🙂

  3. I’m still trying to get a handle on YA books myself! I tend to have a hard time enjoying them as much as everyone else.

  4. Good review. Don’t forget to post it on my blog meme, Series Sunday.

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