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Spoilt by Joanne Ellis

The Book:

Beautiful young girls have been abused and murdered with the words “Spoilt Bitch” carved into their chests. The girls have a striking resemblance to Chelsea. Chelsea meets detective Lucas when she goes to report her roommate missing. They both realize that they are strongly attracted to each other and in spite of trying to maintain a professional relationship, they land up as a couple. The investigation is ongoing and Chelsea’s roommate has been killed and so are a few more woman.

Lucas and his partner Maggie know that the killer’s main target is Chelsea but what does he want from her? Is he her ex-fiance who mysteriously disappeared or the flirt from the coffee shop? Will they catch him before it is too late?

The View:

I have been struggling with reading this week. I picked up at least three from my TBR pile and put them back after the first few pages. I then resorted to my Kindle and did the same for the first two ebooks, finally I stumbled upon “Spoilt” which I downloaded for free from our very own Amazon. The fact that I read the whole book this week itself is a big deal I think.

The book kept me glued, the story was quick and from the start it felt like I was watching an episode of “Law and Order SUV” – well, not exactly up to the mark but still. The story was not new but it definitely made me look forward to the conclusion and the identity of the killer.

The characters were just there. Some of their reactions and situations were downright disappointing; like Chelsea falling in love within a week with the cop even after knowing that her roommate had been murdered and that she was the main target. Lucas was annoying.. Oh, yes he was. One moment he has the “love at first sight” bug, then he is rude, then he is madly in love and becomes a protective lover; but then again he wants to leave her. I wanted to just shake him up and give him a piece of my mind. Hello! I mean really…

“Spoilt” would have been a better read if more attention was paid to the characters. I also fail to understand why there were so many chapters about Lucas and Chelsea’s relationship after the murderer was killed…I just wanted to get it over with as the motive was so unjustifiable.

Rated a 3 on 5 but learn to ignore the editing errors..
Here is one:

I’m my gut tells me that Wesley Robinson is behind this



3 Responses

  1. Errors are fairly common on the freebies, have this one too need to try it out on my Kindle… Thanks for reviewing and reminding me about the book Kavyen, hopefully it will be a good in between read for me…

    • Do they? I read so fast that the editorial errors don’t make an impact.. but strangely I did notice them in this book. I think you will enjoy the book, it is really a quick one.

      • I read it today and it was not bad Kavyen, some of the things you pointed out I agree with and the story did have an interesting twist when the killers identity was finally revealed…

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