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Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans

The Book:

Beth Cardall has a perfect life with a beautiful six-year-old daughter and a busy husband. Things take a turn for the worse when her husband on his death-bed fighting cancer, confesses that he has had numerous relationships outside the marriage. Heartbroken she still does the right thing by being with him through the last phase of his life.

After having given up on marriage and relationships she meets Matthew. Matthew pursues her relentlessly and she wants to give him a chance. He looks like the perfect man but can someone be so perfect? How does he know her daughter’s condition? Her favorite restaurant?

The View:

I read a great review of this book at April’s Cafe of Dreams and decided to give it a shot. I have not read a book by Richard Paul Evans before and knew it was time to read one. My expectations of the book was sky rocketing (blame it on the awesome review) but I was also partly worried that I would be disappointed – “Promise Me” sounded like a complete holiday themed book and nothing more. Well, I was still in the mood for some author experimentation when I picked this up. Boy!! Did that work …

The book started off at a slow pace. Dependent trusting wife, cheating husband, sick child, a death .. and everything else that you would normally expect. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed the read but the story had nothing new to offer. Just when I was giving up, Matthew entered and everything changed. The story was no longer just about romance and two people’s emotions.. It was about a mysterious man who was playing a vital role in a lone woman’s life. He was helping her live better; he diagnosis her daughter’s health condition, makes enough money for her to last a lifetime, loves her, cares for her daughter and seems to know a lot about her and the future – yet he does not get romantically linked with her.

Beth was someone I liked from the very first page. A brave woman who goes through a very tough phase in life but still manages to keep her spirits up and give life another chance. Her attraction towards Matthew and how she struggles initially is honest. The emotion and anger that she expresses when she doubts him of stealing her money is sincere. Matthew is a charm. He could sweep me off my feet any day and what makes him even more desirable is his ability to be honest to his relationships. The struggle by both of them to keep the relationship at the right level is so beautifully expressed.

“Promise Me” gave everything it promised and so much more. I enjoyed the book, the love, the characters and the writing. Now and then you come across a book that makes you feel good when you put it down and “Promise Me” did just that. There is no doubt in my mind that this book deserves a 5 on 5.



3 Responses

  1. Wow! For it to start off slow but still end up with five stars–it must have been good! I think this one is already on my TBR list….

  2. Sounds like a great book, perhaps on the same field as Nicholas Sparks?

  3. Oh, I am so glad that you liked this!!! He is one of my very favorite authors!! I hope you read more by him!

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