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Hide & Seek by James Patterson

The Book:

Maggie Bradford shoots her abusive husband to save her daughter and herself. She is proven innocent at the court and takes this chance to look at life with a new perspective. Very soon she becomes a successful, rich singer and even manages to find love. She is married for a second time and bears a handsome child, but history repeats itself. Her second husband is found dead and now she is awaiting trial for his murder. Then enters Will Shepherd, a charming professional soccer player who sweeps her off her feet.

The question is: Did she really murder her two husbands? Is Will going to be different from the rest? When Will dies will everyone point fingers at her one more time?

The View:

I picked this up for the James Patterson challenge and also because I wanted the author to redeem himself. Seriously, I know it sounds stupid but being an ardent fan of James Patterson I was disappointed with the last few books. (I partly blame it on my bad judgement in selecting books) I felt Hide and Seek would do what “The Postcard Killers” or “The 6th Target” could not do.

The story of “Hide & Seek” was not bad but it was not great either. The book will definitely keep you reading. It is a page turner, quick and entertaining (thank God, for that!)

I did not like Maggie Bradford as I did not connect with her. As I kept reading I kept telling myself “Oh, she is the bad one. I know that” and then enters Will. He did not have an iota of goodness in him, so any chance of liking him was already washed away. Although there were a few characters who were interesting none of them stayed long enough or made an impression.

“Hide & Seek” was yet another James Patterson book I picked up in haste. He continues to remain my favorite author but he has churned out some “not-so-good” books and unfortunately this is one of them. A 3 on 5 and the story would have been a hit if only it had better characters.



4 Responses

  1. The Patterson’s I have been reading have been only so-so as well. Hopefully a good one will come along soon!

  2. It’s such a shame when you have a favourite author and they disappoint – at least you saw some good in it!

  3. James Patterson has really disappointed with the last few books, not to mention his casting choice for I, Alex Cross movie. I miss his old style of writing before he started mass producing mediocre books.

  4. did they make a movie from the book Hide and Seek by james patterson

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