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The 6th Target by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

The Book:

A sudden shooting spree by a mad gunman leaves one of the women from the murder club gravely injured. Lindsay is determined to find the killer and bring justice to her injured friend. Finding him happens to be much easier than keeping him in prison and Yuki steps in promising to get justice.

Elsewhere in the city children from wealthy families are being abducted. No one calls for a ransom and they whole city is trembling with fear. Meanwhile, Cindy has her own case to handle when brutal violence breaks out in her apartment building.

Where are the kidnapped children and why are there no ransom calls? Are they dead or alive? Who is causing terror in Cindy’s apartment? Will Claire come out of this alive?

The View:

All of you know that I am a big James Patterson fan. I can read his books any day as they are quick and have some very interesting plots and characters. I started the Women’s murder club series in 2010 for the James Patterson Reading Challenge and have been captivated by some of the books in the series. I then made a promise to myself that I will complete reading all the book in this series.

The story line in “The 6th Target” was a tad bit sloppy; on one angle was the mass shooting in a ferry, the other angle involved kidnapping of wealthy children and then there was yet another – misdeeds in an apartment building. Three diversified plots and not one of them managed to make an impression. In fact the only impact they managed to make was adding more complexity and confusion.

We get to see all the women from the club, though Claire becomes the victim in the shooting episode and lacks in action most of the time. I was worried that she would not live for the next book since I already miss Jill (she died in the 3rd book of this series) I dint want another strong and like-able woman gone. The romance between Lindsay and Joe lacks the spark because of the long distance ‘thingy’. Yuki and Cindy come and go as the cases need them but again neither of them managed to leave a mark. Of course Lindsay was the biggest disappointment.

This would be my lowest rated book in the series with only a 2 on 5. For once I could not finish a James Patterson book in a day or two – I held on to it for almost a week opting to move on to more interesting books as the plot and the characters refused to make an impression. I am still excited to read the next book 🙂 (what can I say, a diehard fan !! )

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5 Responses

  1. Oh no–only a 2?!? Sometimes his books are like that though. You either love them or hate them….

  2. hmmm..glad I read your review. I am also a Patterson fan and read up to the 4th book in the series many years ago, was thinking of buying them and starting again from the beginning but after your review am having 2nd thoughts. Thanks for the honest review. The GC is going to go toward something that is a 5/5.

  3. This installment was the hardest since the book where Jill died, however it is my favorite series that Patterson writes so however many books there end up being I will have and enjoy to the last page…

    Sorry this one did not engage you like the others Kavyen, maybe the next one in line will!

  4. I did not know this was part of the murder club series. I am listening to the first one now on audio

  5. I have to agree that there were one or two in the mid group, I think #6 and #7 that seemed a bit sloppy (good word) and disjointed. They got more steady at #8 and #9.

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