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The Postcard Killers by James Patterson & Liza Marklund

The Book:

Random murders of young newly married couples have been reported throughout Europe. The murderers have been dubbed “The Postcard killers” as they send a postcard to a local reporter. One such lucky reporter happens to be Dessie Larsson. While she is pondering on why she was the chosen one she meets Jacob Kannon, an NYPD detective. Jacob lost his daughter Kimmy to these gruesome murderers and hence his passion to find them is personal.

What are the murderers trying to convey through these deaths? Will Jacob and Dessie be able to solve the clues and find the culprits? Is there something more brewing between the both of them than just the common passion to find the murderers.. You need to read to find out more.

The View:

I picked up “The Postcard Killers” only because I felt I dint finish any book for ages and I know for sure that a James Patterson would be the quickest read that I can set my hands on. I have been juggling between too many books recently, there is one on my kindle, another that I am listening to on my iPod and the Laura Lippman hardcopy that I am reading. Obviously that means that I have not finished a single book for the past two weeks … once this realization dawned on me I went searching for a James Patterson. I would have chosen “Dont Blink” but Julie from Reading without Restraint only rated it a 3 and I knew it could wait.

The story gave me a sense of Déjà vu. The minute I read about the positioning of the bodies I knew it must be an attempt to mimic an artwork. I am still trying to figure out if I have read a similar thriller elsewhere but my memory fails me (again!). So that sums up my experience with the story. I did not find it new or exciting and in spite of the twists pertaining to the art group, incest and numerous copy cat murderers I did not enjoy the book.

The characters did nothing great as well. Jacob was not memorable to say the least and all I can remember about him was that he is an American who dint take a bath. Dessie did a better job at solving the murders than the cops did. She was actually the smart one who helped carry the story forward.

The Postcard Killers was a drag. The beginning of the book was much better than the end where poor attempts were made to catch the murderers. I did not enjoy this book and I was disappointed with the story and the way it was told. Rated a 2 on 5.

PS: Sorry, if I gave up a little too much about the book (very unlike me!) but I had too for this one.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    And I only rated this one a 3 of 5. The last few books I have read by him are good, but not up to his usual standards….

    • Oh, I dint realize that you had reviewed this one as well. Strange, but I dint get the email for that review.

      I just went back and checked yours through your challenges link.. Darn!!! I probably would have picked up something else if I did see it 😦 My bad!

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