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Malice by Lisa Jackson

The Book:

Malice by Lisa JacksonRick Bentz is injured and is looking forward to getting back to work at the New Orleans Police Department Homicide unit. But joining back the service looks like a far-fetched dream given that he sees his ex-wife every now and then. There was only one big problem with the sightings and that is – Jennifer, his ex-wife has been dead for the past 12 years.

He would have brushed it off as a ghost (in the worst case) but when he receives a her death certificate and a picture of Jennifer with a recent date, he knows someone is playing a joke on him. Rick is determined to find the truth. He may be putting his career and his family on the line to discover what happened to Jennifer but he knows he has to do it.

Does he come out of this unscathed or does he lose something or someone he loves dearly? Is Jennifer’s appearance someone’s idea of a mean joke or do ghosts actually exist? Was the person who was buried 12 years ago actually Jennifer or did she stage her own death?

The View:

When I picked this book I obviously did not know it was part of a series but by the first chapter I figured it must be one and lo and behold – “Malice” is the 7th book of Lisa Jackson’s New Orleans series. Just like every series book, this one also had quite a few events that had links/references to the past books but that did not stop me from enjoying this. I do wish I had read the previous books as that would have helped me relate to the characters and the sequence of events much better.

This was also my first Lisa Jackson book and I was pleasantly surprised by the riveting and suspenseful plot. What I did not particularly enjoy was the long and lengthy description of places, traffic and events so much so I just had to skip through a few pages to keep me interested. Rick Bentz is a like-able character and once I settle down I am definitely going to go back and read more from this series. I only wish his obsession with finding the truth remains.

In all a good read with some very exciting twists and turns, quite a few passionate characters and a great unexpected ending. Rating this a 3 on 5 only because of the boring lengthy descriptions that the readers could have done without.


4 Responses

  1. I think I have the first one in this series. Hopefully it will be a great read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am sad that this one only got a 3/5 – I like her stuff and have this one in my TBR – I will have to leave it in the stack awhile longer – soooooo many to read. Thanks for the heads up.

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