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The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner

The Book: (from the author)

The Other Daughter
In Texas a serial killer is executed, taking to his grave the identity of his only child. In Boston a nine-year-old girl is abandoned in a hospital, then adopted by a wealthy young couple. Twenty years later, Melanie Stokes still considers herself lucky. Until …

Melanie had lost all memory of her life before the adoption, and now someone wants to give it back. Even if it includes the darkest nightmare the Stokes family ever faced: the murder of their first daughter in Texas. As Melanie pursues every lead, chases every shadow in the search for her real identity, two seemingly unrelated events from twenty years ago will come together in a dangerous explosion of truth. And with her very life at stake, Melanie will fear that the family she loves the most may be the people she should trust the least.

Source: http://lisagardner.com/books/standalone/the-other-daughter

The View:

I like Lisa Gardner and any excuse to read her book is more than welcome. The excuse here came when I was looking for something to help wind my “A to Z Challenge’s” letter “O” read and browsed to the author’s webpage. So by all means I can count “The Other Daughter” as a planned read.

The story and the situation that Melanie Stokes is put in is surely captivating. Melanie handles the role of an inquisitive adopted child who refuses to let go of her family while still debating the controversies that arise from her past very carefully. The protagonist is perfect and gives enough justification to the character by alternating equally between the scared and insecure adult to the strong and determined daughter/sister. I loved her in spite of the fact that many events and situations that Melanie was put in seemed so forced and unreal.

I also liked the fact that almost all the characters in the book were shady and it was impossible to predict the ending. As in all great plots the suspects were narrowed down slowly and in a dramatic fashion; while revealing just a little more of the plot to get us one more step closer to Melanie’s past. However, there was this one thing that seemed out-of-place. I never really understood why Melanie’s mother would go to Melanie’s boss’s place when she is distressed instead of seeking a closer friend. Did I miss something? Maybe someone can help me with this answer.

In all, I really enjoyed reading the book and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a fast paced page turner. Rating it a 4 on 5


One Response

  1. The one part that majorly confused me and was never explained, how did they wipe Melanie’s memory? Any ideas?

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