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The Bride Will Keep Her Name by Jan Goldstein

The Book:

Madison Mandelbaum has everything a girl could dream off – a secure job, amazing friends, a crazy family and her fiancé Colin. Colin Darcy is a smart investigative reporter for NBC and a distant relation to the queen. Her mother always kept saying “Be careful what you wish for” but with Colin and just a week away from being THE bride Madison knows there is nothing to fear.

That is till she receives an anonymous notification that Colin may not be as perfect as he appears to be. The caller probes Madison to dig into Colin’s past and raises suspicion that he may in fact be a murderer. Madison’s life gets frantic from that point on and with the help of her two best friends she is determined to uncover the truth and know the man she is getting married too. Is she going to be the bride or is she going to be the one who exposes her fiancé’s past?

The View:

This book is an enjoyable chick lit. The difference though is that, this one is just not about a smart, sophisticated woman and her love life. “The Bride will keep her name” is all that and some more – it is a superb mix of a chick lit and a mystery novel.

The entire novel is based on the one week before Madison’s wedding to the all-so-perfect Colin and hence is extremely fast paced. Madison is smart and a fun person but gets most of her personality from her two friends who help her with her investigations. There are many times in the story where more credit goes to her two best friends for uncovering the truth. So much so that I thought the author was intentionally doing it so he could have them as the lead characters in the next book.

The book has a great potential for a movie with all the drama, the mystery, exciting characters, friends to die for, a smart heroine, and the handsome but potentially suspicious groom. It is a brisk read and is highly recommended for a light summer day when all you want to do is unwind. Rated a 4 on 5.

Oh, before I forget – I thought the cover design was lousy and did not fit in with the story. I would have not picked this book up had I not read the recommendations by a few other bloggers but I am glad I am winding up my Chick lit challenge with this one. I will post my wrap up post shortly for the challenge.


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