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The Quickie by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

The Book:

Lauren Stillwell, an NYPD cop lives a fairly normal life – that is till she catches her husband entering a hotel with a beautiful blond. She jumps to the conclusion that he is cheating on her and decides to get back by involving herself with a co-worker Scott Thayer. What starts off as a one-night stand changes her life forever when Scott is dead the same night and Lauren is put in charge of the investigation.

After having seen the altercation between her husband Paul and Scott she believes that Paul caused his death in a fit of jealousy. Paul however never brings up the cheating or the altercation in any of discussions leaving her all the more confused. She makes every attempt to save her husband and only feels more obliged to do so when she realizes that he never really cheated on her. The story is about who killed Scott and the web of lies and betrayal that leads to his death, but it is also about Lauren’s conflicting roles as a wife and as a cop.

The View:

I liked this book. It may seem like I read a James Patterson book for every alternate review – TRUE. But does it look like I am obsessed with the author – FALSE. Here is my justification, I read them not because I am obsessed with quick reads or that I love the characters being so relatable, not even because I like the suspenseful endings or the varied plots .. I only read them because Yvonne was kind enough to host the James Patterson reading challenge, so please blame it on her 🙂

Lauren is definitely not an idealistic cop as she struggles between her loyalty to her husband and her trust worthiness on the job. But she definitely is very like-able. There are certain times where her choices are downright stupid and makes you think if Patterson really intended for her to do this – but on second thoughts if it was not for her stupidity would we really relate or like her?

The book has all of Patterson’s trademarks – romance, betrayal, trust, friendship, lies and a little bit of everything else while remaining suspenseful and thrilling. Rated a 4 on 5.


4 Responses

  1. I really liked this book & I really enjoy Patterson. Yes, they aren’t great literary works, but I read for enjoyment and his books serve their purpose!

  2. I haven’t tackled any of his romances but I do love his writing.

  3. Some good points….. I guess it’s crucial that you squeeze point across inside primary paragraph… in such a point in time, attention spans have become lesser and lesser. obviously after getting a loyal base of readers, which you cannot use matters a bit less… however it never hurts to make your points sharply and precisely

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