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Shattered by Karen Robards

The Book:

Lisa Grant is back home in Kentucky to take care of her ailing mom. While there she takes up a job as a research assistant with Scott Buchanan, her childhood crush. Scott may have a soft corner for her as well but treats her very similarly to the other employees. In one such impartial moment, she gets banished to the basement and is asked to review old case files. In the basement, her co-worker shows her a picture of a family that she insisted will intrigue Lisa and it definitely did. The mother in the image looks exactly like her and as per their file, the whole family had miraculously disappeared one fine day.

Curiosity gets the best of her and she takes the file home. The resemblance was just a major coincidence but if she did have any links to the missing family, Lisa wanted to find out. That night her house caught fire destroying the file and nearly killing her. A ton of questions suddenly arose and needed to be answered. Was the fire deliberate? What was the secret that had to be kept hidden after so many years? Was Lisa’s resemblance to the missing mother not just a coincidence? Was she adopted?

The View:

The book had suspense and a lot of steamy romance. It started off well and I got through it really quick, at least for the first few chapters. There was suspense, but just enough to keep you going. The story was drafted in such a way that you had an inkling of the ending with just enough of doubt to keep you guessing. Lisa has a realistic personality filled with doubts, insecurities and love. Scott was admirable was well, but the couple together did not have the spark to win me over.

The ending was quick…too quick for my liking. After all the building up the story did with the characters and the plot it was depressing to have such a rushed ending. I would have liked to have read less of the romance as it was unnecessary for the story to move forward and have a more convincing reason for the murder and obviously a more suspenseful ending. Rated a 3 on 5.


2 Responses

  1. This book sounded like it had so much promise but then fell flat. Thanks for sharing–I am going to pass this one up…

  2. I hate when a book does that because endings make or break a book for me! Great honest review!

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