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Envy the Night by Michael Koryta

The Book:

Seven years ago, Frank Temple III learns the secret about his father Frank Temple II who had a prestigious job as a FBI officer but also led a dual life as a contract killer. To avoid prosecution and humiliation he commits suicide after being turned in by someone very close to him – Devin Matteson.

When an old friend calls Frank III and informs him that Devin is returning to Wisconsin, Frank decides to avenge his father’s death. He has been home-schooled by his father in all the skills needed to survive or kill and he fully intended to put these to use when required. He lands in Wisconsin and immediately finds himself in an awkward situation involving a car crash. He later becomes aware that Devin is not in town as expected and that his cabin is occupied by a strange couple.

The excitement should have been minimal with Devin missing, on the contrary Frank is busy dealing with murderous henchmen, the dangerous life threatening situations Nora is in, the FBI and wounded Devin who decides to pursue his wife and companion to Wisconsin.

The View:

Michael Koryta’s Perry series is a must read and I remember the days I spent reading the books during my long commute to work. Those were probably the only days when I hated reaching my destination on time because I had to put the book down and hop onto my next train. Obviously my expectations even before I picked up his first ever stand-alone novel “Envy the night” was sky rocketing.

Koryta is a master story-teller and there can be no complains. The environment and the locations where the story is based is described in great detail. The plot has numerous twists and turns and I must have been really stupid (after reading so many of his books) to assume that I knew the killer half way through the book. After some failed guesses and assumptions all I wanted was to get to the ending real quick making this a fast paced book.

The characters are strong and complex specially the supporting ones. I liked Ezra’s role in the book and thought he was a character that we should see more often. Nora is a charm – secure or scared as situation demands. In fact some of them were so real and had such strong characterizations that after the first few encounters it almost felt like I was reading a series with a familiar set of characters. I even liked Devin and was extremely anxious to know who gave up Frank Temple II to the FBI if it was not him. Every event had a suspenseful note that will make any thriller-fan addicted to this author.

I am however only going to rate the book a 3 on 5. While I loved the characterization, I thought there were an awful lot of them to the point of almost getting confusing. I felt the charm of the book would have been retained even with fewer roles. I also dint enjoy the mention of Frank III’s memories about his dad over and over again .. annoyingly repetitive.

I have just one more book by him “So Cold the River” and am definitely going to get to it real soon!


One Response

  1. Haven’t read this author before, but I do have some of his books on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing!

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