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A Welcome Grave by Michael Koryta

The Book:

Lincoln Perry lost his job from the Cleveland Police Force after an altercation with Alex Jefferson, a leading attorney. Now years later Jefferson is found dead after being killed in a brutal manner. Perry is definitely in the list of suspects because of his earlier relationship with the victim.

While he is busy explaining his whereabouts, the victim’s wife and Perry’s ex-flame Karen calls him asking for a favor to help find Jefferson’s estranged son and the heir to his vast fortune. Perry is convinced that this is a case he should not be taking but finally gives in. It probably was a mistake he would repent later. The case takes a twist when he quickly finds and losses Matthew Jefferson to a suicide. Being the only witness to Matt’s suicide puts him again in the list of suspects and his life takes a cyclonic rush from there on.

“You know what I promised Jefferson? I promised him that by the time I was done he’d welcome death. Beg for it. I told him that his would be a welcome grave, Lincoln. I don’t think he believed me. Not at first. He thought he could stop it. But by the end? He believed me by the end.”

The View:

It has been a while since I read Michael Koryta’s work. Reading a book again by him rekindled my obsession with Lincoln Perry and Joe Pitchard. “A Welcome Grave” is the third book featuring the much-loved investigator Lincoln and his partner Joe.

If you have read a book in the Lincoln series, you know that in most of his investigations, the case and his personal life are always intertwined making the story very intimate. This book is no exception to the rule. Lincoln has a personal relationship with the dead victim and his surviving wife that drives him to take the case to a logical ending in spite of all the hardships he faces. This is probably what makes him stand out from other investigators.

The Lincoln Perry series will best be enjoyed if they are read in order (of course, I dint get to do it as dutifully as I would have liked too) but the story has so many elements that are continued from the previous books. Joe’s injury and recovery, Russian mobster Thor’s relation with Lincoln, Amy and Lincoln’s budding friendship and love are just few of the elements that make more sense if there is an understanding of their past.

The characters and the investigation develops synchronously and with each turning page the anxiety and excitement just keeps building. Rated a 4 on 5 for the gripping twists, the enticing plot and the appealing storyline.

If you are intending to read this book you may also want to check my other reviews from the Lincoln Perry series.
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One Response

  1. Nice review! Gonna have to check this author out–I love series books….

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