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Deception by Jonathan Kellerman

The Book:

Elise Freeman is found dead by her boyfriend in her bathtub filled with dry ice. The case gets interesting when they find a DVD recorded by the victim accusing three other people of sexual harassment and abuse. As the investigation takes Sturgis and Delaware to the accused they realize that they are teachers in one of the most prestigious prep schools in LA – Windsor Preparatory Academy. The police chief’s personal interest in the case only makes the investigation more complicated.

They soon realize that Elise is definitely not the innocent victim that she has portrayed in the DVD. On the contrary she clearly has a dark side and is benefitting hugely by the Academy and the individuals classes she takes for the rich kids. They soon discover that the rich and famous could have a dangerously academically ambitious and vicious side that could even lead to a few murders.

The View:

I typically love Jonathan Kellerman and my love for the Alex Delaware series goes without saying (I guess!) Alex Delaware, Psychologist and Milo Sturgis, LAPD homicide detective never cease to amaze us with their quest for solutions. In this book as well, they continue to form a very interesting and dynamic team while trying to investigate the death of Elise Freeman, a teacher at one of L.A’s most prestigious schools.

While the beginning of the book was exciting with the homicide and the chilling DVD left behind by the victim, the overall investigation was slightly disappointing. I also dint like the fact that there was no clue to the murderer for a very long time … Seriously, I like a good suspense but I like it better when I am assuming someone is the culprit only to be thrown totally off-guard in the last few chapters. I also would have liked a little more light on their personal lives, the book was all work and no play focussing just on the investigation.

If this is your first Alex Delaware book than you might find yourself clueless about certain jokes and references to the past. But for an Alex Delaware regular everything makes perfect sense. Rated a 3 on 5 as this is definitely not one of his best.

And of course I never did understand why Elise made the DVD in the first place but hopefully you can tell me what her thought process was? Or did I miss it somewhere?


2 Responses

  1. I am slowly making my way through the Prey Series by Sandford. That is another good copy series….

  2. I’ve never been into crime dramas until I read Silent Scream by Karen Rose for a review. I really enjoyed it, but I don’t think I would like a book that only focuses on the investigation. I admit, I love some kind of romantic element in my stories somewhere.

    I was very interested in your Nichols Sparks review, Nights in Rodanthe. I have the book, but I haven’t read it and I know the ending is sad, so everytime I see it on TV, I avoid it. That’s it! You’ve convinced me to commit to it. I’m going to watch the show and read the book–at some point…LOL. Thanks for your visit today Kavyen. It’s always good to “see” you.

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