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Hide by Lisa Gardner

The Book:

Annabelle Granger (That’s what she thinks her real name is) spends all of her life on the run living with different names and identities. While on the run she loses both her parents. Her mother succumbs to a prescription drug overdose and her father dies a few years later after being run over by a taxi. At twenty-seven she finds her name in the paper reported as being dead. A crime scene with six dead bodies was discovered by the police and one of the dead women had a locket with her name on it. Annabelle decides to clarify and gets in touch with Sergeant D.D.Warren and Bobby Dodge. As she helps them find the killer, they help her find her past and understand why she has been on the run.

The View:

I loved this book!! Off-late I have been so busy with social commitments and preparing to shift to my new place that I have been loathing to lay my hands on any book that is substantially bulky. But “Hide” was from another realm truly. The book kept me glued and I found myself reading every minute I got.

The suspense in the book taunted me and I was getting restless.. I just wished I had some hints on the case and the murderer. I wanted to be able to solve the case before the detectives did and was disappointed when I remained as clueless as the rest of them. Honestly, the book was a refreshing change from the thrillers that we read often.

I loved the whole story, the false leads, the intended suspects and the characters. The author had done a fantastic job of building the suspense as the story revealed while paying equal attention to the characters. I will rate it a 5 on 5 while grabbing the chance to thank the person who recommended Lisa Gardner.


2 Responses

  1. Kavyen, very happy you found the mistress of suspense and enjoyed the book!!
    I have read and enjoyed Gone, Hide, The Killing Hour, The Survivors Club and The Neighbor. I have Say Goodbye in my TBR shelf and need to get to it!!

    If you liked Gardner’s book have you ever read any Linda Fairstein!

    jackie b central texas

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for the note. I am going to read Gone next. I have not read any Linda Fairstein, but have marked it in my TBR. I love it that you give me these wonderful pointers based on my likes 🙂 You r the best!!!

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