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3rd Degree by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

I am still trying to finish my James Patterson challenge and while it looks like I am reading a lot more of his books than I should be, I really am not making much progress with the challenge itself. I also find myself picking up more and more books from the Women’s Murder Club series so I may just move all of these books to yet another challenge. I also received a brand new copy of the 7th Heaven from JuJu at Tales of Whimsy so I really am very excited to get going with the series challenge. Thanks a lot Juju!!!! You made my day!

The Book:

Lindsay Boxer (San Francisco Lieutenant) and her friend Jill Barnhardt are jogging when Lindsay notices the bruises on Jill’s shoulder. She doesn’t really buy Jill’s explanation but has no time to think when immediately afterwards a bomb goes off in the neighborhood house. Lindsay knows she is in danger but still rushes into the fire to save any survivors. She manages to save one of the kids and later becomes aware that the 18 month old is still missing. What starts off as an investigation to resolve the bombing and abduction soon changes into a much hyped probe into a terrorism attack. The group, August Spies has been targeting and killing prominent people every 3 days. They definitely want the message of their hatred towards the destroyers of the environment/global community to be passed and choose to leave a message at the crime scenes and with Cindy (San Francisco Chronicle reporter).

The View:

I loved the book and as I proceed through the series, I find myself growing increasingly fond of the women in the murder club. What else did you expect from an ardent James Patterson fan? The 3rd book in the series sheds more light on the women individually and gives us a clearer glimpse of their personal lives. It did come as a shock when one of them has a shocking death and I definitely thought it was premature, but I now have to read the 4th book to see how the rest of them carry along with the investigations. (Like I needed another excuse to pick the next book 🙂 )

It was a quick read but I took longer to finish this one then I normally do. The story itself was not very exciting and definitely not original. Out of the 3 books I have read in the series so far this is my least favorite with a rating of 3 on 5. On the brighter side Lindsay finds love in this book, so the next one has some looking forward too.


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