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sMothering by Wendy French

The Book:

Claire McLeod holds a telephone survey job and leads a pretty lousy life after having recently broken up with her oh-so-perfect boyfriend. As if life couldn’t get any worse, she wakes up one morning to find her overbearing mother at the doorstep of her tiny single bedroom apartment. After initially pondering on why her dad did not make this trip she decides to head out to office to avoid her mother’s constant nagging. She lands at work and realizes that she has a zillion embarrassing messages from Mrs. McLeod, all of which was duly noted by the office receptionist. While the little pleasures of a good breakfast and ironed clothes are impressive, she really could do without the constant complaint on her looks, her apartment, her lack of love and generally her life. In an attempt to steer some diversion she welcomes her sister (with her same-sex partner) for a dinner at home much to her mother’s annoyance. Ofcourse life only gets more complicated when she gets a promotion at work, almost kisses her boss in a drunken state, is suspected by co-workers of having an affair with him and then comes to know that her hero, her dad was having an affair.

The View:

I really enjoyed reading this book. Claire is adorable and struggles through all the things that go wrong in her life in a very natural manner. I found her to be slightly more mature than the typical chick-lit characters we see and that made the book more appealing. Mrs.McLeod is amazing in her own sense and portrays the image of an overbearing mother perfectly well. Claire sister’s attempts to make Mrs.McLeod accept her sexual preference and her partner vary from being ‘subtle and nice’ to ‘fierce and rebellious’ – both of which was justifiable.

The story and the characters portray a scenario in our daily life where we have the constant pressure from family to be someone different. Most of the times you love them because they are family and then there are those few times when you want to shut out everybody and be that lucky orphan. This makes the story realistic. The subtle humor is an icing on the cake and I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud in some scenes. For the perfect depiction of a relatable episode from everybody’s life in such a humorous way – this is a 4 on 5.


2 Responses

  1. This sounds wonderful! Great review!

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