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Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Have I been away for a long time? I feel so outdated and I am just glad tomorrow is “Blog-hop” day. Time to catch up!

I read this book last week and dint want to review it till I saw the movie. Typically I hate watching movies based out of books because I think they do a lousy job of representation (the Harry Potter series was an exception) but with “Confessions of a shopaholic” I decided to go ahead and watch the movie. Why you ask? Because I hated the book and wondered if the movie showed it from a better perspective. Now that you have a hint of my thoughts on the book here is my review.

The Book:

Rebecca Bloomwood is a gorgeous financial journalist who is obsessed with shopping. She pays using her credit cards and remains true to her shopaholic self by often buying redundant stuff. Very soon Becky finds herself in debt and decides to make more money by taking up a job as a sales woman and by making photo frames (both attempts fail). While she is in the midst of her financial crisis she realizes that her parents neighbors have lost some investments after looking up to her for financial advice. Things take a turn from there on when she decides to expose the company and in the process lands in a live TV debate with Luke Brandon, a rich PR guy and her love interest.

The View:

I don’t have anything against first person narratives but it really annoyed me with this particular book .. I guess we did need it in the first few chapters to help understand why Rebecca Bloomwood has such a poor judgment with shopping but did we really need it through the entire book? To make matters worse Becky was barely like-able and downright annoying. On the bright side, I strangely liked the other supporting characters Luke, Suze  and even Tarquin. I also loved the fact that there was a good deal of humor in the entire book like when she is attempting to make curry or how she tags herself every time as if she was posing for a magazine and of course the Finnish episode. In spite of the few things I liked, I really was surprised when I made it through this book. Barely a 2 on 5.

After the book I decided I wanted to see the movie, specially after hearing some rave reviews. Gosh, was I in for some surprise! The book and the movie had very few things in common and while I liked the movie better I wished they had adapted the book completely. Few things that were a disappointment.

– Becky lives in New York City and not in London (What a bummer! Sometimes the cute British accent can do wonders to make you like or dislike a character)
– Becky and Tarquin don’t go out .. are not even related except that in the movie he is Suze’s boyfriend and is constantly surprised by the way the two women scan and treat incoming calls.
– The whole episode of Becky’s financial advice to her neighbors and her fuming report on the paper making her an overnight star was avoided. She does get her share of stardom but it was not as exciting.

For a change, I did like the movie slightly better than the book and part of the credit will go to the actors who did a stunning job. Oh, I should not forget to mention that in both the movie and the book Derek Smeath and Becky’s parents are absolutely remember-able.


7 Responses

  1. I have this book on my TBR shelf. Sometimes, I am just in the mood for mindless chick-lit. Hopefully I will like it better than you did!

    • I hope you like it as well. I picked it after reading some great reviews so am sure there will be quite a few takers. I look forward to your thoughts on the book Julie.

  2. I read this book awhile ago and it was ok. I think the story was fun but I wasn’t wow’d by the author. Great review 🙂

    • Hi Felicia, thanks for stopping by. I am trying to catch up on my chick lit challenge and hopefully I will like the next one better 🙂

  3. It’s one of my favorite chick lit, it might be superficial but I found it daring in its genre and I couldn’t stop laughing while reading. I found myself disliking the movie adaptation only loosely based on the book.

    • I sure did expect to like it but as I said I was disappointed. Maybe I couldn’t relate to Becky because I am not a great shopper 🙂 But glad you liked it and I agree the movie was just very loosely based on the book. I only wish it was an exact adaptation.

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