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Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

I had a fruitful day today after a good night’s sleep. Sleep has been evading me for almost 3 weeks now and I barely get 2 hours in the night… So any night where I get an uninterrupted sleep of 7 to 8 hours is bliss! Of course sleepless night would mean that I get to read more and I shouldn’t be complaining. In one of my sleepless nights this week I managed to read the “Worst Case” and here is my review.

The Book:

Michael Bennet is teamed with Emily Parker from the FBI to resolve the kidnapping of Jacob Dunning, the only son of a wealthy New Yorker. They get to Jacob by following the instructions of the kidnapper but it happens to be too late. All the money that the parents had could not save the boy because the kidnapper made no demand for ransom. Instead he put the victims through a series of questions – a fail in the test would mean death.

Very soon a second victim is kidnapped and murdered in a similar fashion and panic sets in the city. The meticulousness and intelligence of the killer is an additional challenge to the detectives but they have to resolve the case before there is any more death.

The View:

Yes, the chapters are short and the font is big! Yes, the book can be finished in a single reading! Yes, there are a couple of smart cops and an even smarter killer! But NO, the book did not appeal to me in spite of all the typical James Patterson characteristics in it.

Mid way through the book the killer is exposed and I kept reading hoping for that one twist or maybe a couple of them.. but all I had in store for me was disappointment. Both Michael and Emily did nothing great to identify the killer in spite of the fact that he directs them to the murder scenes each time. Only when one of the kidnapped victims comes back alive do they get some inkling to him and after that every trace is straightforward.

I liked the chemistry budding between Michael and Emily throughout the investigation, but what I liked even more was when he chose to do the right thing by not taking the personal relationship forward with her. The 10 adopted children, the nanny and Bennet’s father are entertaining and I wish we saw more of them in this book. I am going to rate it a 3 on 5 and would definitely recommend it to a die-hard James Patterson fan. I haven’t read the first two books in the Michael Bennet series as yet but that didn’t make much of a difference as the background to the characters was highlighted nicely.


2 Responses

  1. I am going to give it a shot some day when can get a copy off Paperback Swap, yours is not the first review that was slightly disheartening to read as I am a die-hard Patterson fan. Thanks for sharing and hope you get some more good nights of sleep this week… I know all about insomnia and lack of sleep for one reason or another, that is why reading is such a great “Quiet” hobby!!!

    jackie b central texas

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