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Awards? Really?? For Me???

Awards? Really?? For Me??? Yes, these are just few of the questions/emotions that ran through my mind when the lovely June at Writing is a Blessing passed on the Bodacious Book Blogger’s Award. I still can’t believe it and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would receive one. So I am thrilled, excited and hyped about my first ever blog award. This is very very special! Thanks June!

The rules for passing on the award are – “To accept it, you must leave a comment on the post you were nominated on, make a list and post the last five books you read, then pass the award on to five other bloggers. Do also identify the blog from which you got the award”

Here is the list of the last five books I read:

  1. 2nd Chance by James Patterson
  2. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
  3. Sail by James Patterson
  4. There is no place like here by Cecelia Ahern
  5. The Blue Notebook by James A Levine

Honored to pass on the award in no particular order to 5 great bloggers:

  1. Trisha at eclectic/eccentric
  2. Julie at Reading without Restraint
  3. Sheila at Book Journey
  4. Kelly at Book Sanctuary
  5. Yvonne at Socrates Books Reviews

My joy was doubled when I received yet another award .. I know, would I have ever guessed it? I received the Versatile Blogger Award from the amazing Jackie at Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories.The rules of the award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (in no particular order…)
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

Here are 7 things about me:

  1. I have been blogging for almost 2 years now (with a personal one) but truthfully only discovered the joys of it with the book bloggers world very recently.
  2. I am totally in love with pets and secretly hope that one day I will be able to adopt my very own dog.
  3. I can laugh at myself and all the crankiness that is part of being me.
  4. I did my graduate in Architecture and landed with a job in Information Technology… Right now, I am pursuing neither and am spending my time blissfully reading more and more books.
  5. I have an awful memory and this blog is my way of keeping track of the books I have read.
  6. Gosh, I am extremely talkative!
  7. I have curly hair and obviously I hate it.

The 15 bloggers that I am passing on the award to in no particular order:

  1. Jennifer at Reading With Tequila
  2. June at Writing is a Blessing
  3. Lori at Lori’s Reading Corner
  4. Felicia at Geeky Bloggers Book Blog
  5. Debi at Journey to the end of the TBR Pile
  6. Lady Scribbles at Lady Scribbles Book Lounge
  7. MizB at Should Be Reading
  8. April at Cafe of Dreams
  9. Juju at Tales Of Whimsy
  10. Kelly at Bookend Diaries
  11. Liz at Cleverly Inked
  12. Jenners at Find your Next Book Here
  13. Beverly at the Wormy Hole
  14. Jeanne at A cup of Tea and Cozy for Me
  15. Kristin at Always with a book

    14 Responses

    1. I can truly only say that am very happy you are now having “fun” blogging! Finding others who share a love of reading is wonderful, when they share the same taste in reading it is even more spectacular! You may hate your curly hair but most of the rest of us would love to have natural curls!!! Congratulations on both awards and there will be more!!!

      jackie b central texas

    2. Why thank you! Lovely blog you have here!

    3. Wow Kavyen. I had no idea I was giving you your first award ever. I’m so honored to do so. I can’t believe it. I remember when I received my first one and it was an awesome experience. You deserve it and more. I see the “more” has already started as the super Jackie of Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories has made you a winner once again.

      Book blogger goodness at its finest. I saw this award on her site and it seems to be a new one. I hadn’t seen it before. Of course I wanted it. “Ask and you shall receive eh?” My dreams were answered when you surprised me with my newest award!!

      You are too sweet. Thank you so much. You’ve made my evening!

    4. YEA for you getting two awards! And thank you so much for passing one on to me–I am honored that you thought of me!

    5. Oh my! What a lovely morning surprise. Thank you so much for this lovely award and thank you so much for visiting Tales of Whimsy…

      Congratulations to you as well 🙂 I’m off to explore your blog some more 🙂

    6. BTW, I have curly hair too. But I’ve grown to love mine.

    7. Thanks so much! Will pass it on today or tomorrow!

    8. Thanks so much! I will do this tonight 🙂

    9. Oh wow! Thank you so much! I just blogged about it.

    10. Aw shucks. Thanks for thinking of my blog.
      And I think everyone who has curly hair hates it … and everyone who has straight hair hates it! That is the way the world works!

    11. Oh thank you so much for the award!

    12. Thanks very much for the award! Have a blessed day!

    13. How awesome! Thanks so much for the award. I have to say that getting an award with the word “bodacious” in it is really something special as that is just an excellent word. 🙂

    14. I am so behind on emails with me being gone last week but am catching up now. I just seen this one and thank you! I am seriously beaming over here in Minnesota – look out your window, you might see me! 😀

      Thank you!

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