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Sail by James Patterson

“Sail by James Patterson and Howard Roughan”

The Book:

Carrie, Mark and Ernie Dunne; Katherine’s three children were no longer acting or feeling like a family. Katherine’s demanding job as a heart specialist and the fact that she lost her husband Stuart few years ago did no good to her relationship with the kids. She does find happiness again by remarrying a very successful lawyer Peter Carlyle and is determined to bring her family closer again.
Katherine plans for a family sailing trip with the kids and uncle Jake (Stuart’s brother). Peter has an important trial hearing and would not be a part of this family fun time but encourages her to go ahead with her plans. While the trip starts with personal issues like Mark’s drug problems, Carrie’s eating disorders and sibling rivalry, it soon becomes a life or death situation for the family. Jake gives up his life protecting the four of them but has he really saved them? Is someone gunning for the family or is it just fate that they are stranded in a lone island after surviving a storm and an explosion? Would they be found alive to tell the tales of their survival?

The View:

“Sail” is a typical James Patterson read.. the chapters are short, the story is fast paced and there are twists that could possibly excite the reader. I liked the book and just like most of the other books by the author I managed to finish it in a single seating. The characters in the book were weak and I felt there were quite a few of them who had no impact on the story. The problem the children face with the drug, eating disorders etc is briefly introduced and just as quickly resolved. Jake is an interesting character but is dead too early on to leave an impact. There is no doubt on the villain in the plot and why he wants the family dead. The twists are minimal and there is absolutely no suspense involved.
I am only going to rate it a 2/5 – this was definitely not the best stand-alone book of James Patterson and I have read far better ones.


3 Responses

  1. This is one have not read and now probably will not waste my time.
    Thanks for the heads up and honest review Kavyen…


  2. Just a quick hi and congratulations on your blog award from June!!!

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